Government and Public Policy in the Pacific Islands

Graham Hassall
Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

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11 Nov 2020
Emerald Publishing Limited
232 pages - 152 x 229mm
Public Policy and Governance
The first comprehensive examination of how systems of government have emerged in the small and diverse developing island states of the Pacific Islands region, this study outlines the way in which government systems in the region have evolved from their pre-independence origins to their current political, constitutional, and public sector arrangements. Drawing on scholarship from the fields of law, history, anthropology, public policy, and public management, the author examines the ways in which culture, history, and the environment continue to influence contemporary policy challenges and policy processes in these states. 

Recognising the significant challenges that small states face in terms of human and economic development, as well as how they must navigate between autonomy and self-reliance in some sectors, yet supra-national collaboration in others, the author argues that the future prosperity of the Pacific Islands region and the countries within it is not yet assured. Their economies struggle to keep pace with population growth and public aspirations, and service delivery in key sectors is often inadequate. Indeed, the fundamental challenge facing the Pacific Islands’ leaders and governments is ensuring the adoption of policies and methods of implementation that, ultimately, pave the way for their continued development within the emerging global order.
Chapter 1. Pacific Islands life worlds 
Chapter 2. Government Systems 
Chapter 3. Governance and Public Policy: the interaction of systems and life worlds
Graham Hassall is Associate Professor in Public Policy and Administration at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. A founding member of the New Zealand Centre for Global Studies, he is a Pacific Islands specialist with research interests in public governance and development, as well as the position of small states in global governance. He is a life member of the United Nations Association of New Zealand and was Academic Director of Papua New Guinea’s Foreign Service Training Programme during 2014-2017.

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