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Governing for the Future: Designing Democratic Institutions for a Better Tomorrow Vol: 25

Jonathan Boston
Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

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09 Nov 2016
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
576 pages - 152 x 229 x 23mm
Public Policy and Governance
This book is about governing well for the future. It investigates the nature of, and the conditions for, prudent long-term democratic governance in a dynamic, complex, and uncertain world, the reasons why such governance is politically challenging, and how such challenges can best be tackled. In particular, it addresses the problem of ‘short-termism’ – or a ‘presentist bias’ – in policy-making; that is, the risk of governments placing undue weight on near-term considerations at the expense of a society’s overall long-term welfare. As such, the book traverses both normative and empirical issues. The approach is primarily qualitative rather than quantitative.
Introduction: What This Book Is About A Brief Overview PART I: THE CHALLENGE OF LONG-TERM DEMOCRATIC GOVERNANCE 1. Intertemporal Policy-Making In Advanced Democracies: The Risk Of A Presentist Bias 2. The Presentist Bias: Conceptualizing And Assessing The Problem 3. Probing The Causes Of The Presentist Bias 4. The Policy Dimensions Of The Presentist Bias PART 2: PRINCIPLES AND PROPOSALS FOR IMPROVING LONG-TERM DEMOCRATIC GOVERNANCE 5. Foundations For Prudent Long-Term Governance 6. Countering The Presentist Bias: Surveying The Options PART III: ASSESSING THE OPTIONS FOR IMPROVING LONG-TERM DEMOCRATIC GOVERNANCE 7. A Constitution For The Future 8. Committing To A Better Future The Nature, Design, And Limits Of Commitment Devices 9. Insulating Decision-Making From Short-Term Political Pressures 10. Enhancing Voices For The Future The Role Of Independent Institutional Advocates And Guardians 11. Advising For A Better Future Evidence, Metrics, Frameworks, And Institutions 12. Designing And Embedding A Strategic Foresight Capability 13. Creating The Political Conditions For Policy Investments: Enhancing Trust, Shared Goals, And Patience PART IV: TAKING CARE OF TOMORROW TODAY 14. Towards A Better Tomorrow Enhancing The Capacity Of Advanced Democracies To Navigate, Shape, And Protect The Future Appendix: Research: Background And Methods Bibliography Index
Jonathan Boston, School of Government, Victoria University of Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand

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