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Globalization, Changing Demographics, and Educational Challenges in East Asia Vol: 17

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12 May 2010
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
352 pages - 156 x 234 x 28mm
Research in the Sociology of Education


In recent decades, globalization and regional integration have brought significant economic and demographic changes in East Asia, including rising economic inequality, growing population movements within and across borders, and the emergence or renewed geopolitical significance of cultural and linguistic minority populations. These trends have coincided with significant changes in family formation, dissolution, and structures. How have these changes played out in the diverse educational systems of East Asia? In what innovative ways are East Asian governments addressing the new demographic realities of their student populations? This volume offers a snapshot of key educational stratification issues in East Asian nations, and their evolution in conjunction with changing student populations. Scholars of Japan, China, and Korea in this volume address issues ranging from curricular adaptations to globalization, to persisting and new forms of educational stratification, to new multiculturalism in educational policy. In addition, authors consider the ways that migration is shaping education in the city-states of Hong Kong and Singapore. Collectively, the pieces in this volume represent a first attempt to investigate national responses to critical regional trends.
List of Contributors. Editors’ introduction: Emerging issues for educational research in East Asia. The twisted, unintended impacts of globalization on Japanese education. Educational reform, academic intensity, and educational opportunity in Japan. State-sponsored knowledge for the global age: global and traditional values in the Chinese language arts curriculum. Changes in educational inequality in China, 1990–2005: Evidence from the population census data. Educational inequality in South Korea: The widening socioeconomic gap in student achievement. Policy note: Diversification of the student population and multicultural educational policies in Korea. The educational progress of Mainland Chinese immigrant students in Hong Kong. Postsecondary educational expansion and social integration in Hong Kong. ‘Downed’ and stuck in Singapore: Lower/middle class South Korean wild geese (kirogi. Research in Sociology of Education. Globalization, Changing Demographics, and Educational Challenges in East Asia. Copyright page.

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