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Globalism/Localism at Work Vol: 13

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30 Dec 2004
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
206 pages - 159 x 235 x 14mm
Research in the Sociology of Work


In this volume the focus is on the interrelations of the global and the local in their consequences for work. The process of restructuring of work is analyzed as an ongoing, locally situated process in which actors within work organizations play an important role. Nevertheless, when taking the context of work organizations into account, the increasing importance of the global on the local processes is obvious. Local practices keep their central importance, but the global doesn't function only as a context for the local anymore but forms more and more a practice of itself in which an increasing number of actors play their part.As we can see on the World Wide Web, people and firms are both emitters and receptors and act on the local and global level at the same time. Local diversity in a world with increasing interdependencies is shown in a number of contributions from different parts of the world. These contributions are clustered around two main themes: Labor markets in global and local scenarios - From industry to services; Global industries - Restructuring and local jobs. The many case studies presented shed light to the diversity that occurs in different local situations.
Introduction. Handling Global Developments, Shaping Local Practices. The Interference of the Global and the Local in Work Restructuring. (L.Beukema, J.Carrillo). Global Industries. Restructuring and Local Jobs. New Forms of Industrial Organisation, Regional Development and the Impact on Work Restructuring in Brazil.(J.R.Ramalho). Main Labour Changes in French Car Industry. (J.Durand). Segmentation of Skills in the Mexican Northern Border. Challenges in a Globalised Region. (A.Hualde). Privatisation and Deregulation of Telecommunications in Brazil. (S.G.Larangeira). Foreign Direct Investment and Local Linkages: the case of the Mexican Television Industry in Tijuana (J.Carrillo). The effects of the Globalisation on Workers in the Cluster of Electronics in Jalisco Mexico. (R.Partida). Industries and Services. Global Networks and Chains. New Deals in Gambling: Global Markets and Local Regimes of Regulation. (T.Austrin, J.West). Global Logistic Chains as a Result of Local Processes: the Case of Orchids. (L.Beukema, H.Coenen). Taking a Seat in the Global Marketplace: Opportunities for "High Road" Upgrading in the Indonesian Wood Furniture Sector? (A.Posthuma). Conclusion. Work Restructuring as an ongoing Glocal Process. Concluding Remarks. (L. Beukema).

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