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Global Tariff War: Economic, Political and Social Implications

Ramesh Chandra Das
Vidyasagar University, India

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09 Mar 2021
Emerald Publishing Limited
468 pages - 152 x 229mm
Global Tariff War: Economic, Political and Social Implications traces the range of impacts that global tariff wars in international trade can have on the growth and expansion of national economies.

The Global economic and political status quo has faced turmoil after the US President's 2018 announcement on the imposition of import tariff steel and aluminium products. Taking as its core focus the trade war between the USA and China, this book focuses impact on the rest of the world's economies, and explores key areas including neo-protectionism, globalization and restricted trade, inflation volatility, FDI and tariff rates, and the environmental footprint of global trade tariffs.

Having previously played the role of campaigner in favour of free trade since the World War II, today's United States has projected itself towards greater protectionism and patriotism. Conclusions arise that tariff wars, as well as trade wars, are damaging for national and transnational economies, as well as other sectors, such as society and environment. Evidence presented in the work illustrates that developed countries are impacted more adversely in comparison to developing zones due to this type of tariff war.

Offering a range of illuminating perspectives from under explored developing economies being directly affected by these policies, this collection presents a unique critical insight into this complex and evolving area of geo-political and economic practice.
Chapter 1. Trade War in the Twenty-First Century: A Historical Perspective; Asim K. Karmakar, and Sebak K. Jana 
Chapter 2. Tariff War, Unemployment Rate, and Welfare; Nilendu Chatterjee, and Tonmoy Chatterjee 
Chapter 3. Trade War and its Welfare Consequences: A micro-theoretic introspection; Mainak Bhattacharjee, and Debashis Mazumder 
Chapter 4. Tradeoff between Globalization and Restricted Trade: Some International Evidence; Richardson Kojo Edeme, Ebikabowei Biedomo Aduku, Nwokoye Stella Ebele and Nkalu Nelson 
Chapter 5. Tariff War and its Spillover Consequence: A macro-theoretic evaluation; Dipti Ghosh, and Mainak Bhattacharjee 
Chapter 6. Impact of Tariff War on World Economy especially after WTO - A Time Series Econometric enquiry; Kanchan Datta 
Chapter 7. Tariff Imposition and Manufacturing Trade: A Comparative Study on the economies of North and South; Madhabendra Sinha, Manohar Kumar Rai, Manish Kumar Rai, and Abhijit Dutta 
Chapter 8. The Return of Borders to a Borderless World: The China-USA Trade War Saga; Asim K. Karmakar, and Sovik Mukherjee 
Chapter 9. China and US Economic Policy Uncertainity and its Impact on major International Markets: A Vector Auto Regressive Analysis; Ujjal Protim Dutta, Lipika Kankaria, and Partha Pratim Sengupta 
Chapter 10. Analysis of the Causes of Trade War between US and China and its Impact on Selected Asian Countries; Rajib Bhattacharyya 
Chapter 11. Economic Growth and Trade Related Variables: An Empirical Study using Indian data; Chandrima Chakraborty, and Anindita Jana 
Chapter 12. Changing Export Share of Developing Economies: A Post WTO Scenario; Debabrata Mukhopadhyay, and Dipankar Das 
Chapter 13. Understanding the Impact of Trade War between US and China on Oil Price Volatility; Hasan Dinçer, Serhat Yüksel, and Gülsüm Sena Uluer 
Chapter 14. Stochastic Frontier Approach to the Estimation of Total Factor Productivity Growth of Manufacturing Sector: A Pre and Post WTO Regime study of West Bengal and all India; Md Rakibul Hasan, Pinki Bera, and Mihir Kumar Pal 
Chapter 15. India’s Export under Neo-Protectionism with special emphasis upon EU and Japan; Sudipta Jha, and Ataur Rahman 
Chapter 16. India’s tea export in the scenario of trade openness: an analysis of trend and structural break; Shrabanti Maity, and Anup Sinha 
Chapter 17. Impact of Trade War on Developing Countries: A Case Study of India; Faize Ali Shah, Shubhendra Singh Yadav, and Akshay Kumar Satsangi 
Chapter 18. Political Economy of Trade and Trade Tariffs: The United States and China Trade Policies; Egemen Sertyesilisik 
Chapter 19. The impact of the trade war on the Military Industrial Complex of United States of America and China; Napoleon Kurantin, and Bertha Z. Osei-Hwedie 
Chapter 20. The US-China Trading Relations: Dilemmas and Potentialities; Debasish Nandy 
Chapter 21. Economic Integration or Trumponomics: The Choice is a Big Question for Developing Economies; Abhijit Bhattacharya 
Chapter 22. Impacts of trade war upon social indicators; Hakan Kalkavan, Hasan Dinçer, and Serhat Yüksel
Chapter 23. Revisiting Economic Globalization in the Sustainable Open Exchange System; Megha Jain, and Vani Kanojia 
Chapter 24. Impacts of the trade policies and trade tariffs on the environmental footprint of the global trade; Begum Sertyesilisik, and Egemen Sertyesilisik 
Chapter 25. Income and Gender Inequality in India in the Post WTO Period; Tarun Sengupta, and Somnath Mukherjee
Ramesh Chandra Das is Associate Professor of Economics at Vidyasagar University, West Bengal, India. His research interests include, theoretical, quantitative, public, environmental and health economics. He has written textbooks on Microeconomics and Macroeconomics for a variety of academic fields and published several articles in internationally well reputed journals and books.

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