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Global Entrepreneurship: Past, Present & Future Vol: 29

Timothy M. Devinney
University of Leeds, UK

Gideon Markman
Colorado State University, USA

Torben Pedersen
Texas A&M University, USA

Laszlo Tihanyi
Texas A&M University, USA

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23 Jun 2016
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
344 pages - 152 x 229 x 29mm
Advances in International Management
The role that small- and medium-sized enterprises play in the economic development and growth of cities, regions and nations has been an increasing subject of debate and study for the last half century. This volume focuses on the opportunities and challenges that entrepreneurs and small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) face in a world of global competition. The papers therein provide an overview of successful strategies that global entrepreneurs and SMEs have employed that have allowed them to establish regional and international footprint and of how local resources, culture and managerial capabilities have contributed to startups’ global success. In doing so it highlights original, edgy ideas and theoretical advances that will provide the foundation for future doctoral dissertations and other research projects on international entrepreneurship.
PART I PWC Strategy & Eminent Scholar in International Management 2015 - Timothy M. Devinney Leveraging Organizational Learning and Alliances in Complex and Changing Business Environments - Marjorie A. Lyles Organizational Learning and International Management: The Contributions of Marjorie A. Lyles - Laszlo Tihanyi Learning, Collaboration, Context, and Place: Marjorie A. Lyles’ Contributions to International Management - Elizabeth L. Rose PART II Global Entrepreneurship: Assessment and Challenges - Gideon Markman, Timothy M. Devinney, Torben Pedersen and Laszlo Tihanyi The Consequences of De-Internationalization: Empirical Evidence from Belgium - Jonas Onkelinx, Tatiana S. Manolova and Linda F. Edelman Foreign IPO Survival: An Examination of Institutional and Governance Factors - R. Greg Bell, Abdul A. Rasheed and Sri Beldona Global Entrepreneurship Through Brokerage: Connecting Socially Conscious North American Investors to South African Housing Developers - Helena Barnard and Joel Rosen Who Is the Entrepreneur? Prototypical Views of the Entrepreneurial Role Across Three Cultures - Xin Yao, Steven Farmer and Kate Kung-McIntyre Born-Global Start-Ups in Emerging Economies - William Scheela Enterprise Performance and the Value of Entrepreneurs’ Acquired Capitals - Anthony Brown, Timothy M. Devinney and Mario Kafouros A Start-Up Ecosystem as a Structure and Context for High Growth - Sakari Sipola, Vesa Puhakka and Tuija Mainela International Opportunity Development of Internationalizing SMEs from Emerging Economies - Cici Xiao He and Masoud Karami Examining the Impact of Government Investment in Venture Capital on Entrepreneurship Financing: Does It Make a Difference? - Wei Yang Clean Energy Entrepreneurship in Sub-Saharan Africa - Jacob Park Total Resources and Speeds of Internationalization - Jay Jiyuan Wu
Edited by Timothy M. Devinney, University of Leeds, UK Gideon Markman, Colorado State University, USA Torben Pedersen, Bocconi University, Italy Laszlo Tihanyi, Texas A&M University, USA

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