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Global Ecological Politics Vol: 5

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05 Mar 2010
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
210 pages - 156 x 234 x 23mm
Advances in Ecopolitics
"Advances in Ecopolitics Series" presents a collection of environmental alternatives worthy of consideration in light of the ongoing economic downturn which has accompanied the latest incarnation of unsustainable practices. Each publication discusses a significant element in the environmental theory which now represents an important aspect of sustainable living. The latest volume, "Global Ecological Politics", examines the range of environmental campaigns that are occurring across the planet. It showcases a selection of case studies on grassroots initiatives and activism in areas such as green economic alternatives, regional activism in defence of communities, alternative or utopian communities, green politics and ecotourism. This extensive array of ecological participation demonstrates that viable green alternatives are available in this current era of legitimation crisis across the formal political and economic sectors. "Global Ecological Politics" presents an important collection of articles for researchers, lecturers and academics in the socio-economic and political sector and is essential reading for those involved in all areas of environmentalism.
List of Contributors. List of Reviewers. Preface. Chapter 1 Introduction: The background to global ecopolitics. Chapter 2 The green new deal: Restoring balance and stability to the global financial and ecosystem. Chapter 3 The dilemma of justice: Foreign oil multinationals and human rights violation in the Niger Delta of Nigeria. Chapter 4 Alternative currency networks as utopian practice. Chapter 5 Elusive escapes? Everyday life and ecotopia. Chapter 6 Towards a model of green political economy: From ecological modernisation to economic security. Chapter 7 Green politics and anthropology. Chapter 8 Environmental disputes in France. Chapter 9 Ecotourism and sustainability in the tourism sector. Chapter 10 The politics of waste, consumption and sustainability in the republic of Ireland. Global Ecological Politics. Copyright page.

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