Global Aspects of Reputation and Strategic Management Vol: 18

David Deephouse
University of Alberta, Canada

Naomi Gardberg
City University of New York, USA

William Newburry
Florida International University, USA

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16 Jul 2019
Emerald Publishing Limited
288 pages - 152 x 229mm
Research in Global Strategic Management


Growing tensions and disagreements over globalization, as well as the role of multinational enterprises in the global economy, and competition among countries, has made the challenge of managing reputation across national institutional environments increasingly complex. Global Aspects of Reputation and Strategic Management addresses these critical strategic issues by exploring how country-level factors influence reputation development and how reputation obtained in one context can be transferred to another.  

This volume of Research in Global Strategic Management addresses three broad themes - Managing a Global Reputation, National Context and Reputation, and Approaches to Reputation Measurement - and identifies opportunities for future research on global aspects of reputation and strategic management to inspire and strengthen this key area.  

The complexity resulting from this multi-level exploration of reputation makes illuminating reading for researchers and scholars in the areas of international business, strategy and management, as well as for practitioners wanting to develop and implement an international strategy.
Chapter 1. Introduction to Edited Volume: Global Aspects of Reputation and Strategic Management; William Newburry, David Deephouse and Naomi Gardberg  
Chapter 2. Global Reputation Management: Understanding and Managing Reputation as Shared Value across Borders; Keith Kelley and Yannick Thams 
Chapter 3. The Role of Values in the Creation and Maintenance of an Organization's Reputation; Tim London 
Chapter 4. Global Value Chains, Reputation and Social Cooperation; Ruth Yeoman and Milena Mueller Santos 
Chapter 5. Does Country Really Matter? Exploring the Contextual Effect of Individual Self-Construal in Reaping the Relational Benefits of Customer-Based Reputation; James Agarwal and Oleksiy Osiyevskyy  
Chapter 6. National Culture Characteristics for Managing Corporate Reputation and Brand Image Using Social Media; Kip Becker and Jung Wan Lee 
Chapter 7. Economic Indicators Affecting the Media Reputation of a Country: The Case of Chile (1990-2015); Ricardo Leiva and David Kimber 
Chapter 8. Praemia virtutis honores? The Making of Global Reputations and the False Promise of Meritocracy; Saheli Nath  
Chapter 9. Why do people love museums so much? Empirical evidence about the stellar reputations of art museums and what companies can learn from it; Cees B.M. van Riel  
Chapter 10. The Reputation of Companies across Different Countries: Some Keys to Validating the Comparison of Results; Enrique Carreras-Romero, Ana Carreras-Franco and Ángel Alloza-Losada
David L. Deephouse is the Foote Professor of International Business/Law at the University of Alberta, Associate Dean for PhD Programs and Research, and International Research Fellow of the Oxford University Centre for Corporate Reputation. His research interests include legitimacy, media, and strategic positioning. 
Naomi A. Gardberg is an Associate Professor of Management with Baruch College, CUNY. Her research has been published in numerous reputable journals, including Academy of Management Review, Business & Society, Journal of Business Ethics, and the Journal of International Business Studies. 
William Newburry is Chair of the Department of International Business and the Ryder Eminent Scholar of Global Business at Florida International University. His research explores how multinational corporations relate to subsidiaries and other stakeholders in foreign countries, with a focus on reputation in emerging markets.

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