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Getting Things Done Vol: 2

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23 Sep 2013
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
256 pages - 152 x 229 x 33mm
Dialogues in Critical Management Studies
This book explores the possibility of a progressive and transformative management which, while grounded in the analytic tradition and values of CMS, also confronts practical demands of meeting social needs. The format of the book is a discussion between and among CMS scholars with diverse viewpoints on CMS and critical engagement, and with different subject positions and domains of engagement. In the critical tradition, the book also gives voice to those who question a simple translation of theory into practice, as well as raising questions around the potential and limits to a progressively transformative management.
Dedication. List of Contributors. Beyond Critique: Towards Transformative Practice in Critical Management Studies. Editors’ Introduction. What Exactly did you Expect from CMS? American Business Schools as an Expression of Futile Relations. Critical Management: The Longer Haul Described in Almost Polemic Mode. CMS – A Solution or an Extra Problem for Management Research?. Resisting the Sense of Futility. Getting (The Wrong/Right) Things Done – Problems and Possibilities in U.S. Business Schools. Academic Capitalism Hits the Fan: The Birth of Acamanic Capitalism. Changing Institutions: Critical Management Studies as a Social Movement. ‘What is to be Done?’ CMS as a Political Party. Being Political and Getting Things Done: Critical Management Studies and the Limits of Antagonism. What do Business Schools Really Teach? The Role of Critical Management Studies in Business Education. Can the Subaltern Teach? Performativity Otherwise Through Anthropophagy. What to Stop Doing in Order to Get Things Done? A Critical Engagement with the Discourse of Critical Management Studies. A [Critical] Ecological Model to Enabling Change: Promoting Diversity and Inclusion. Border Thinking in Action: Should Critical Management Studies Get Anything Done?. Reflections on the Theory–Action Debate. About the Authors. Author Index. Getting Things Done. Dialogues in Critical Management Studies. Getting Things Done. Copyright page.

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