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Geography and Strategy Vol: 20

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12 Sep 2003
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
408 pages - 156 x 234 x 23mm
Advances in Strategic Management


As we move into the 21st century, the world seems a smaller place - transportation costs continue to fall, fiber optic networks speed information around the planet, and corporations operate on a global scale. One might reasonably ask whether location really matters anymore. Despite these trends - perhaps because of them - the last few years have witnessed a rapid rise in interest in "place" and "space" across the social sciences. While the importance of distance declines, strategic interest in location appears greater than ever. This volume draws together researchers from a variety of disciplines - economics, geography, marketing, organizational behavior, sociology, and urban planning - working at the forefront of this wave to explore some of the important ways in which location matters for firms in the 21st century.
Strategic management of place - managing knowledge spillovers - the role of geographic proximity, D.B. Audretsch; Location and organizing strategy - exploring the influence of location on the organization of pharmaceutical research, J.L. Furman; from conception to birth - opportunity perception and resource mobilization in entrepreneurship, J.B. Sorensen, O. Sorenson; hits and misses - managers' (mis)categorization of competitors in the Manhattan hotel industry, J.A.C. Baum, T.K. Lant; strategic management of space: interorganizational learning and the location of manufacturing subsidiaries - is chain migration also a corporate behavior?, P.V. Bastos, H.R. Greve; location choices under agglomeration externalities and strategic interaction, F. Flyer, J.M. Shaver; geography and marketing strategy in consumer packaged goods, B.J. Bronnenberg, P. Albuquerque; organization, evolution and performance in neighborhood-based systems, A. Lomi et al; spatial diffusion of social organizing - modeling Trade Union growth in Sweden, 1890-1940, C.R. Edling, F. Liljeros; combined perspectives - the diffusion of TQM within a global bank, D. Strang; organizing for technological innovation in the US pharmaceutical industry, A.S. Chacar, M.B. Lieberman; law firm office location and firm survival in Silicon Valley, 1969 to 1998, J. Jaffee; the organizational advantage of nations - an ecological perspective on the evolution of the motorcycle industry in Belgium, Italy and Japan, 1898-1993, F.C. Wezel, A. Lomi.

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