Generation Impact: International Perspectives on Impact Accounting

Adam Richards
Social Value ,UK

Jeremy Nicholls
Social Value International

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08 Jan 2021
Emerald Publishing Limited
312 pages - 152 x 229mm


Mistrust in big business and major politicians, coupled with recent scandals in international development, grew from a blatant lack of accountability between decision-makers and recipients. Remedies seem to lie within the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the rise of social entrepreneurship, and the demand for responsible practices, all key drivers for social, rather than merely financial, returns on investments. Yet accounting for such returns remains scattershot and unevenly implemented. 

With contributions from world-leading scholars and practitioners, Generation Impact brings together lessons from both developed and developing economies, shares current best practice and suggests future trends in impact accounting. The book analyses social and environmental capital protocols, the international convergence in impact investing, organisational management and capacity-building and best practice in assurance and training, and offers reflections on policy directions. Through its case-studies it provides insights into a growing global community of practitioners, academics, impact investors, policy-makers and organisations of all kinds working to cement the central importance of accounting for social value.  

For its unique blend of scholarly research and boots-on-the-ground insights, Generation Impact is a must-read for development scholars and students interested in social and environmental accounting, practitioners, senior managers, and executives concerned with organisational practice and its real impact on wider social and economic development.
Chapter 1. Foreword; Jed Emerson 
Chapter 2. Introduction; Jeremy Nicholls & Adam Richards 
Chapter 3. The Imperative for Impact: The Global Context; Karen Wilson 
Chapter 4. A Mission to Maximize Social Value; Shaun Doran 
Chapter 5. The Practitioner’s´ View. Impact Valuation Roundtable; Ravi Abeywardana, Eugenia Ceballos Hunziker, Malcolm Cheetham, Sonja Haut, Christian Heller, Marina Prada, Nina Nrjama, Marina Schurr, Lene Serpa, Andreza Souza, Pearl Tiwari, María Luisa Villa & Gabriele Wende 
Chapter 6. Managing social impact in practice or why asking questions is so hard - experience of Koç University Social Impact Forum in Turkey; Gonca Ongan & Agata Fortuna 
Chapter 7. Constituent Voice: feedback loops, relationships, and continual improvement in complex system change; David Bonbright and Andre Proctor 
Chapter 8 The Path to a (faster) Systemic Change; William Hendradjaja & Moon Leoma 
Chapter 9. From Impact Valuation to System Value Creation; Bill Baue 
Chapter 10. The Risks Not Taken: Building Inclusive Markets for Underserved Communities; Durreen Shahnaz, Jennifer Chien & Shibao Pek 
Chapter 11. Impact Investing – A Sleeping Radical?; David Wilton 
Chapter 12. Moral Money: Do No Harm in Social Investing; Gayle Peterson 
Chapter 13. Social Value in Commissioning; Anne Lythgoe and Matthew Baqueriza-Jackson 
Chapter 14. Procurement for Maximum Impact; Stephanie Robertson 
Chapter 15. Maximizing social value in Russia: for never was a story of more woe; Yulia Romashchenko 
Chapter 16. Commissioning for Outcomes – An Indigenous Model in New Zealand; Sneha Lakhotia 
Chapter 17. Public Policy for social value creation in East Asia; Chien Wen Shen &Agnieszka Koziel 
Chapter 18. Assurance – do we know enough?; Ben Carpenter, Adrian Henriques & Catherine Manning 
Chapter 19. How to do Good Collaboration; Mark Gough  
Chapter 20. The Entrepreneur at the centre of Entrepreneurship Development support. More novel than obvious? Lessons from South Africa; Lisa van Eck, Jenny Retief, Victoria Williams, Khutjo Langa, Shawn Theunissen, Asgar Bhikoo, Lana Lovasic, Nonceba Qabazi 
Chapter 21. The Power of Networks: How to Do it Right; Naina Batra 
Chapter 22. Managing for impact: the role of investors’ Networks in enhancing appropriate Impact Measurement AND Management practices; Alessia Gianoncelli &Gianluca Gaggiotti 
Chapter 23. If you want to go far you need to go deep: a framework of impact archetypes; Victoria Hurth 
Chapter 24. The Promise of Impact Accounting; Thaddeaus Robert Zochowski 
Chapter 25. Conclusions for (more) Impact; Adam Richards & Jeremy Nicholls
Adam Richards PhD, is a senior manager at Social Value International leading social value and impact management training. Before joining Social Value International, he was a Senior Lecturer at Liverpool John Moores University.
Jeremy Nicholls, founded Social Value UK and Social Value International and is currently serving at Staffordshire University, as Visiting Professor of Social Value, one of the first roles of its kind.

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