Gastronomy for Tourism Development: Potential of the Western Balkans

Almir Peštek
University of Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Marko Kukanja
University of Primorska, Slovenia

Sanda Renko
Department of Trade, University of Zagreb, Croatia

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26 Aug 2020
Emerald Publishing Limited
272 pages - 152 x 229mm
The Western Balkans and associated countries are striving to achieve and foster their economic growth, social well-being, and sustainable development. For all three of these areas, the tourism sector is a major source of income, change, and innovation, and the common gastronomic heritage of the Western Balkans presents a unique opportunity to develop tourism products that go far beyond different national identities. Today, several dishes, preparation methods, and service procedures are recognised as the Gastronomy of the Balkans, presenting a fascinating “melange” of West-European, Mediterranean, and oriental culinary traditions with a special local (the Balkan) touch. Taking into consideration how the Western Balkan countries are following the most tourist developed countries of Central Europe, which are nowadays keen to develop authentic and recognisable gastronomic tourism products, this exciting new book redresses the growing need for research that expands the current knowledge base regarding the tourism and gastronomic potentials for the region. A theoretical and practical guide for the gastronomic future of the Western Balkans, Gastronomy for Tourism Development: Potential of the Western Balkans shows the drivers, potentials, and barriers affecting the region in its effort to become a prominent European food destination in the 21st century.
Chapter 1. Gastronomy and Regional Identity: Balkan vs. National Cuisine; Ana Jovičić Vuković and Aleksandra Terzić 
Chapter 2. Importance of Cheese Production in Livno and Vlašić for Gastronomy and Tourism Development in Bosnia and Hezegovina; Amra Čaušević and Edin Hrelja 
Chapter 3. "There is no lunch without potatoes": Culinary Heritage of the Posavje Region in Tourism Supply; Lea Kužnik, Marjetka Rangus 
Chapter 4. Are We Delicious Enough?: Challenges of Gastro-Tourism Development in Bosnia and Herzegovina; Aleksandra Nikolić, Guna Salputra, Mirza Uzunović, and Alen Mujčinović 
Chapter 5. IMage of Local Cuisine as Part of a Rural Tourism; Nikola Vuksanović and Dunja Demirović Bajrami 
Chapter 6. Development of Slovenia's Gastronomy: From Peasant Food to the European Region of Gastronomy 2021; Marko Kukanja and Almir Peštek
Chapter 7. Exploring Gastronomy and Event Interlinkages in DMO's Strategic Activities: Two Croatian Destinations Perspective; Smiljana Pivčević; Klara Trošt Lesić 
Chapter 8. Restaurant Online Reputation and Destination Competitiveness: Insight into TripAdvisor Data; Ante Mandić, Smiljana Pivčević, and Lidija Petrić 
Chapter 9. Importance of Gastronomy for Further Tourism Development in Western Balkans Economies with Focus on Serbia; Mirjana Radović Marković and Renata Pindžo 
Chapter 10. The Financial Potential of Gastronomy for Tourism Development in Croatia; Sabina Hodžić, Siniša Bogdan, and Suzana Bareša
Almir Peštek is a Professor at the Department of Marketing of the School of Economics and Business, University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina and an associate professor at RISEBA University in Riga, Latvia. He is a Fulbright post-doctoral with 20 years of teaching, consultancy and research experience, especially with local and regional tourism development projects. 

Marko Kukanja is an Assistant Professor and Head of the Tourism Management Department at Faculty of Tourism Studies – TURISTICA, University of Primorska. His research, teaching, and consultancy work is based on more than fifteen years of international work experience in the tourism industry. 

Sanda Renko is a Full Professor in the Department of Trade and International Business, Faculty of Economics and Business University of Zagreb, Croatia. She has carried out research on retailing and wholesaling, logistics, fashion retailing, channels of distribution, etc. She is the editor of Green Economy in the Western Balkans: Towards a Sustainable Future and Challenges for the Trade in CE and SE (Emerald Publishing); Supply Chain Management – New Perspectives (IntechOpen); and a guest editor in The British Food Journal, Journal of Food Products Marketing, and World Journal of Retail Business Management.

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