Fundamentals of HR Analytics: A Manual on Becoming HR Analytical

Fermin Diez
Singapore Management University, Singapore

Mark Bussin
21st Century Pay Solutions, South Africa

Venessa Lee
United Overseas Bank, Singapore

Product Details
11 Nov 2019
Emerald Publishing Limited
311 pages - 138 x 216mm
The future of the Human Resource Management profession is inextricably linked to understanding data analytics. This book provides practical, hands-on approaches to connect data to HR policies and practices to help influence overall business performance. 

Building on traditional HR skillsets, the book makes understanding and engaging with data analytics possible for professionals at all levels. Leveraging key statistical and financial concepts, including ROI and people productivity, and commonly available tools such as Workday and Tableau, the authors explore key skills and tasks in an accessible and illuminating way, including:
  • data-analytic thinking 
  • data management 
  • data collection 
  • clean-up and warehousing 
  • building descriptive and predictive models 
  • applying HR analytics skills and tools to workforce planning, recruitment, training, and turnover analysis. 
Fundamentals of HR Analytics is an essential resource for aspiring, new and experienced HR professionals across a wide range of industrial contexts, as well as data analysts working on business workforce focused projects and upper level students of HR encountering data analytics in this context for the first time.
Chapter 1. Basics of Finance, Statistics and Data-Analytic Thinking 
Chapter 2. Tools for HR Analytics 
Chapter 3. Data Collection 
Chapter 4. HR Analytics Modelling 
Chapter 5. Turnover 
Chapter 6. Training and Development 
Chapter 7. Strategic Resourcing 
Chapter 8. Recruitment 
Chapter 9. Compensation and Benefits 
Chapter 10. Career Planning 
Chapter 11. HR Policies vs. Profits 
Chapter 12. Conclusions and Thoughts on the Future of HR Analytics
Dr. Fermin Diez is an Adjunct Faculty member at Singapore Management University (SMU). Alongside 35 years of experience working in Human Resources within consulting, corporate, and academic roles, he is also the co-author of Human Capital and Global Business Strategy (2013) and The Remuneration Handbook (2017).  
Dr. Mark Bussin is the Chairman of 21st Century, a Professor at the University of Johannesburg and an Adjunct Professor at University of Cape Town. He has HR experience across all industry sectors and is viewed as a thought leader in the HR, Reward and Compensation arena. He is also the author of 10 books, including Retention Strategies: The Key to Attract and Retain Excellent Employees (2018). 
Venessa Lee is VP of HR at United Overseas Bank, Singapore. She has gathered her HR expertise through consulting and corporate experience, working with many organisations in delivering transformation and talent management change initiatives across Asia. Her areas of focus include strategic workforce planning, organisation restructuring and talent strategy implementation.

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