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From Teacher Thinking to Teachers and Teaching: The Evolution of a Research Community Vol: 19

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04 Jul 2013
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
740 pages - 152 x 229 x 64mm
Advances in Research on Teaching


This volume covers advances that have occurred in the thirty year existence of the International Study Association on Teachers and Teaching (ISATT), the organization that helped transition the study of teacher thinking to the study of teachers and teaching in all of its complexities. This evolution meant that teachers and the act of teaching are no longer exclusively studied from the outside, but from the inside as well. The chapters capture an international paradigm shift that set the course of teaching and teacher education research. The origins of the movement are traced, work of researchers who contributed to the movement is featured, the spread of the movement into new regions is followed, and the future of the international research community that resulted is imagined. Thirteen section editors and the two main editors present the volume by themes, with work from several regions covered in each theme area. Each sub-section includes (1) a representative sample of research conducted historically on a particular topic; (2) a review of what developments have occurred in the interim; and (3) contemporary piece/s of scholarship.
List of Contributors. Foreword. Chapter 1 The International Study Association on Teachers and Teaching (ISATT): Seeing Tracks and Making More. Chapter 2 The Origins of ISATT: An Idiosyncratic Perspective. Chapter 3 The Role of ISATT in the Professional Development of Barica Marenti? Požarnik. Chapter 4 Personal Practical Knowledge: A Study of Teachers’ Classroom Images. Chapter 5 From Teacher Knowledge to Teacher Learning in Community: Transformations of Theory and Practice. Chapter 6 Pedagogical Content Knowledge: Twenty-Five Years Later. Chapter 7 Story-Maker, Storyteller: Narrative Structures in Curriculum. Chapter 8 Narrative Research: From the Margins to Being Heard. Chapter 9 Teacher Professional Development in Teaching and Teacher Education. Chapter 10 The Emergence of Research on Teachers’ Professional Identity: A Review of Literature from 1988 to 2000. Chapter 11 The Moral Matters of Teaching: A Finnish Perspective. Chapter 12 In Search of the Essence of a Good Teacher: Toward a More Holistic Approach in Teacher Education. Chapter 13 Reflective Classroom Practice: Case Studies of Hong Kong Student Teachers at Work. Chapter 14 Teacher Education in Brazil. Chapter 15 Reflective Practice in the Teaching Profession: The Case of Training and Research Practices in the French Community in Belgium. Chapter 16 Beyond the Reach of Leading: Exploring the Realm of Leadership and Learning. Chapter 17 The New Lives of Teachers. Chapter 18 Who I am in how I Teach is the Message: Self-Understanding Vulnerability, and Reflection. Chapter 19 Be(com)ing a Teacher in Challenging Circumstances: Sustaining Commitment or Giving up in Portugal?. Chapter 20 Teachers Dealing with Failure in a Low Socio-Economic Status School in South Africa. Chapter 21 The Necessity of Providing Guidance for Reflection in Inservice Teacher Training Programs in Kyrgyzstan. Chapter 22 Enhancing and Sustaining Teacher Effectiveness as the ‘Trojan Horse’ in Successful Science Education in Kenya. Chapter 23 Blending Traditional and Constructivist Teaching: How one Teacher goes about it in a U.S. Middle School Mathematics Classroom. Chapter 24 School-Based Instructional Research (SBIR): An Approach to Teacher Professional Development in China. Chapter 25 Engaging India’s Social History to Understand and Promote Teacher Change. Chapter 26 Curriculum Reform in a Non-Threatening Collaborative Environment: An Indian Initiative. Chapter 27 Changes in Research Paradigms and their Impact on Teachers and Teacher Education: A Finnish Case. Chapter 28 Teacher Education that Makes a Difference: Developing Foundational Principles of Practice. Chapter 29 The Sustainability and Nonsustainability of a Decade of Change and Continuity in Teacher Education. Chapter 30 Two European Reflections on Professional Development in the ISATT Community: Looking Backward, Moving Forward. Chapter 31 Self and Community: The Impact of ISATT on the Professional Learning, Teaching, and Research of Members in the Asia-Pacific Region. Chapter 32 Back to the Future from a Chinese Perspective: A Philosophical Reconstruction of Ideas Gleaned from the Fifteenth ISATT Conference. About the contributors. From Teacher Thinking to Teachers and Teaching: The Evolution of a Research Community. Advances in Research on Teaching. Advances in Research on Teaching. Copyright page.

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