From Pedagogy to Quality Assurance in Education: An International Perspective

Heidi Flavian
Achva Academic College, Israel

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28 Sep 2020
Emerald Publishing Limited
200 pages - 152 x 229mm
Educational development is a dynamic process that is influenced by a variety of factors such as culture, language, and individual societal needs. This book, while acknowledging that the common goal of all is to promote educational attainment for all, investigates how pedagogical approaches and processes of quality assurance differ from one country to another. 

The authors offer unique and practical perspectives on different pedagogical theories and quality assurance from across the globe. Providing an overview of nine different countries from 4 continents, the scope is truly international. Each chapter showcases the leading pedagogical approach and quality assurance process that is used within a specific country, allowing readers to gain special insight into how a variety of quality assurance tools are developed and put into practice.

In an increasingly dynamic and global world, it is more important than ever that educators are equipped to respond to the needs of international student cohorts. This book is a fruitful resource for researchers, educators, pedagogics, psychologists and others, who wish to develop new approaches and educational models to contribute to the efficient process of learning.
Chapter 1. Introduction 
Part 2. Education and schools 
Chapter 2.1. Critical Thinking Pedagogy and Quality Assurance in the United States  
Chapter 2.2. Proposal to Promote Quality of Education: A View from Spain 
Chapter 2.3. The Management and Assurance of Quality in Romanian Schools 
Chapter 2.4. Pedagogical Approaches and Initiatives for Educational Quality Assurance in Turkey 
Chapter 2.5. Congruence Between Pedagogical and Assessment Approaches: a Case of One Large Province in South Africa
Part 3. Special education  
Chapter 3.1. Inclusion of Children with Special Needs as an Opportunity to Increase the Quality of Teaching in Israel 
Chapter 3.2. Inclusion, diversity and quality in the Mexican educational context: perceptions of teachers in the state of Sonora (Mexico) 
Chapter 4. Higher education and adult education: 
Chapter 4.1. Pedagogy and Quality Assurance in Thai Higher Education Institutions
Chapter 4.2. Quality Assurance in Adult Education in Latvia
Heidi Flavian is a Senior Lecturer and Head of the Special Education department at Achva Academic College, Israel. Her main areas of research are teacher training, mediation, thinking processes among students, and teaching students with special needs.

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