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From Community to Consumption: New and Classical Themes in Rural Sociological Research Vol: 16

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08 Sep 2010
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
296 pages - 156 x 234 x 25mm
Research in Rural Sociology and Development


This edited book contains salient papers presented at the XII World Congress of Rural Sociology held in South Korea in 2008. These papers have been selected for their quality and have undergone a peer review process. The rationale behind this book rests on the desire to share the wealth of research presented at the World Congress with interested individuals who could not attend the event and it reflects the empirical work and thinking characterizing contemporary rural sociology. As this sociological sub-discipline evolves along with society and the rural world, it appears of paramount importance to make available ground-breaking research to the international scientific community. Rural sociology is changing and this volume testifies of this change by documenting the introduction of new themes of research as well as the evolution of established ones. In this regard, it provides a unique and uniquely international view of the most recent advanced production in rural sociology. The volume consists of eighteen chapters representing original pieces of research and an introduction that frames them in the context of the evolution of the discipline.
List of Contributors. Introduction. Chapter 1 I have seen the future, and it works! How Joint Farming may solve contradictions between technological level and farm structure in Norwegian dairy production. Chapter 2 New peasantries and alternative agro-food networks: The case of Réseau Semences Paysannes. Chapter 3 The development of alternative production and consumption activities related to food safety and security and associated gender issues. Chapter 4 The role and possibilities for subsistence production: Reflecting on the experience in Japan. Chapter 5 The globalization of the poultry industry: Tyson Foods and Pilgrim's Pride in Mexico. Chapter 6 Studying fertility behavior of farm population as a contribution to understanding overall low fertility trends: The case of Slovenia. Chapter 7 State and market: The politics of development, “peasantization,” and agrarian restructuring in Northern Lao PDR. Chapter 8 Without categories and classifications: “Rural” as a social expression. Chapter 9 Rural community in a globalizing world. Chapter 10 Italian immigrants and the built environment in rural Australia. Chapter 11 The regenerative power of older migrants? A case study of Hokkaido, Japan. Chapter 12 Making device for sustainable agricultural systems: A case study of Japanese farmers’ markets. Chapter 13 Direct sales suit producers and consumers’ interests in Vietnam. Chapter 14 Participation of the state in the distribution of food to urban areas and possible implications for the Venezuelan agro food sector. Chapter 15 Capacity building for the environment: Forest policy and management in Southeastern Europe. Chapter 16 Histories and continuities of water governance in Northern Ghana. Chapter 17 Gender, bodies and ethnicity in rural places: Settlement experiences of immigrant women in Rural Victoria. Chapter 18 Women farmers’ networking in Japan: A case study of a pioneering network. Research in rural sociology and development. Research in rural sociology and development. Copyright page.

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