From Austerity to Abundance?: Creative Approaches to Coordinating the Common Good Vol: 6

Margaret Stout
West Virginia University, USA

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12 Nov 2018
Emerald Publishing Limited
224 pages - 152 x 229mm
Critical Perspectives on International Public Sector Management
This volume explores the ways in which civil society and governments employ transformative tactics of direct engagement in coordinating efforts toward the common good. The chapters highlight alternatives that are philosophically and pragmatically different from neoliberal austerity measures, which reduce coproduction to a cost-saving tactic. Instead of simplistic load-shedding and unfunded partnerships, collaborative governance and coproduction increasingly take on characteristics of social movements, wherein direct citizen engagement in public policy making and administrative implementation are seen as the collective pursuit of human flourishing and abundance.

These approaches counter the status quo - both in terms of power dynamics and standard operating procedures. Civil society is increasingly reclaiming its roots in the more informal mechanisms of social movements. As governments reach out to engage these groups, they must develop a new stance toward collaboration - one that sees power as a generative force when shared rather than held through hierarchical or competitive dominance. This book shows how, through this transformation, genuine public value can be produced.
Foreword: Toward a Politics of Belonging; Hendrik Wagenaar
Introduction; Margaret Stout
Chapter 1. Are Social Movements Prefiguring Integrative Governance? Jeannine M. Love and Margaret Stout
Chapter 2. Unsettling the Memes of Neoliberal Capitalism through Administrative Pragmatism; C. F. Abel and Karen Kunz
Chapter 3. Cross-sector Collaborations for Public Value Co-creation; Alessandro Sancino, James Rees, and Irene Schindele
Chapter 4. Tackling Maternal Health through Cell Phones: Evaluating a Collaborative Framework; Nidhi Vij Mali
Chapter 5. Clarifying Collaborative Dynamics in Governance Networks; Margaret Stout, Koen P. R. Bartels, and Jeannine M. Love
Chapter 6. A Typology of Coproduction: Emphasizing Shared Power; Victor Burigo Souza and Luís Moretto Neto
Chapter 7. Get Talking: Managing to Achieve More through Creative Consultation; Nicola Gratton and Ros Beddows
Chapter 8. Joining the Citizens: Forging New Collaborations between Government and Citizens in Deprived Neighborhoods; Imrat Verhoeven and Evelien Tonkens
Chapter 9. Encounters with an Open Mind: A Relational Grounding for Neighborhood Governance; Koen P. R. Bartels
Margaret Stout is an Associate Professor of Public Administration at West Virginia University, USA. Her research can be found in numerous journals and books, including Logics of Legitimacy: Three Traditions of Public Administration PraxisA Radically Democratic Response to Global Governance: Dystopian Utopias; and Integrative Governance: Generating Sustainable Responses to Global Crises.

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