Freight Transport Modelling

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14 May 2013
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
400 pages - 174 x 246 x 33mm


The on-going globalisation and the increasing demand for flexibility in modern businesses have made transport, together with business logistics, a major functional domain. Transport growth is essentially for economic growth but is not without negative impacts. External effects such as pollution, congestion, accidents and damage to infrastructure generate considerable social costs that impose a heavy burden on society. This title addresses the need to develop new freight transport models and scientific tools to provide sound solutions that consider the wide range of internal and external impacts. The international contributions push forward frontiers in freight transport modelling and analysis.
Recent Developments in Freight Transport Modelling. 
The Relationship between Economic Activity and Freight Transport. 
A Multimodal Elastic Trade Coefficients MRIO Model for Freight Demand in Europe.  
The Aggregate-Disaggregate-Aggregate (ADA) Freight Model System.  
Dynamic Optimization and Differential Stackelberg Game Applied to Freight Transport.  
Discrete Choice Analysis of Shippers' Preferences.  
A Comparison of Conjoint, Multi-Criteria, Conditional Logit and Neural Network Analyses for Rank-Ordered Preference Data. 
Modelling the Emergence of Spatiotemporal Structures in Commodity Transport. 
Accounting for WTP/WTA Discrepancy in Discrete Choice Models: Discussion of Policy Implications Based on Two Freight Transport Stated Choice Experiments. 
Endogenous Shipment Size in Freight Mode Choice Models: Theory and Empirical Testing. 
Supply-Chain Risk Analysis with Extended Freight Transportation Models.  
Decision-Making Process and Factors Affecting Truck Routing. 
Logistics Managers' Stated Preferences for Freight Service Attributes: A Comparative Research Method Analysis. 
Capacity Utilisation of Vehicles for Road Freight Transport. 
Valuation of Transport Time Savings and Improved Reliability in Freight Transport CBA. 
Freight Transport Pricing Models. 
Urban Freight Tour Models: State of the Art and Practice. 
Modeling Behavioral Aspects of Urban Freight Movements. 
Urban Freight Distribution: Urban Supply Chains and Transportation Policies. 
Modeling for Public Policies Inducement of Urban Freight Business Development.  
Tactical and Operational City Logistics: Freight Vehicle Flow Modelling. 
Making Real-Time Fleet Management Decisions Under Time-Dependent Conditions in Urban Freight Distribution. 

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