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Foundations of Inclusive Education Research Vol: 6

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25 Nov 2015
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
256 pages - 152 x 229 x 18mm
International Perspectives on Inclusive Education
This volume focuses on inquiry into inclusive education from the perspective of scholarly influences in the field of practice and research. A group of key international researchers in the field of inclusive education have each contributed a chapter about a piece of scholarship they believe has influenced inquiry in the field, as a whole.
Developing a Critical Sociology of Special and Inclusive Education: The Contribution of Sally Tomlinson. Stealth Bureaucracy in Sally Tomlinson’s Irresistible Rise of the SEN Industry. Questioning Assumptions: Roger Slee and Julie Allan’s Reconsideration of Inclusive Education. The Bumpy Road to Genuinely Inclusive Schools: Still Learning from Ferguson’s ‘Rabid’ Confessions of an Authentic Inclusionist. Do Attitudes Predict Behaviour – An (un)Solved Mystery?. Assembling All the Jigsaw Pieces Together: The Critical Work of Dorothy Lipsky and Alan Gartner’s Inclusion and School Reform. Why the Pursuit of Inclusive Education Cannot be Left to Science: Lessons from the Work of Burton Blatt. The Sociological Straitjacket and the Ethics of Exclusion. Re-imagining Inclusive Research and Practice: A Focus on Bourdieu’s Concepts of Habitus, Capital, Doxa and Field. New Linkages for a Complex Inclusive Education: Third World Feminism, Post-Positivist Realism and Disability Studies. The Illusion of Our Separativeness: Exploring Heshusius’s Concept of Participatory Consciousness in Disability Research and Inclusive Education. Interrupting the Prevailing Discourse on Special Education: Political and Sociological Perspectives Offered by Len Barton. Under the Mentorship of John Dewey: Democratic Lessons for Inclusive Education. From Special Education to Integration to Genuine Inclusion. Copyright page. Dedication. Foundations of Inclusive Education Research. List of Contributors. International Perspectives on Inclusive Education. Foundations of Inclusive Education Research.

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