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Forecasting Vol: 5

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27 May 1999
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
248 pages - 156 x 234 x 15mm
Advances in Mathematical Programming and Financial Planning


This research annual presents state-of-the-art studies in the integration of mathematical planning and management. As the literature and techniques in financial planning and management become increasingly complex, our monographs aid in the dissemination of research efforts in quantitative financial analysis. Topics include cash management, capital budgeting, financial decisions, portfolio management and performance analysis, and financial planning models.
List of contributors. Part I: Multicriteria Applications. Evaluating potential acquisitions using the analytic hierarchy process (K. Hogan, G.T. Olson). A stochastic dynamic multi-objective model for citing manufacturing plants abroad with contingency planning (E. Melachrinoudis, H. Min). A multiple criterion model for the product pricing decision (C. Jackson, D. O'Leary and J. Willis). Reallocating production activity between U.S., Mexican, and Canadian plants in light of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA): a goal programming approach (M. Schniederjans, Gyu Chan Kim). Part II: Applications. Accounting models in product warranty: development and sensitivity analysis (J. Patankar, I. Kim, and A. Mitra). A stochastic assurance approach to portfolio analysis for a casualty insurance company (S. Li). A recursive industry portfolio model (P. Geonewaller, R. Spahr and Quing Zhu). A linear programming model for optimal aircraft cargo loading (N.K. Kwak, N.G. Pham). Planning for multinational firms using an intelligent network modeling system (R.D. McBride, D. O'Leary). Optimal recovery of electricity lifelines after major earthquakes: market mecahnisms vs. rationing (A. Rose, J. Bernavides). Part III: Data Envelopment Analysis. Planning strategic decisions via data envelopment and enropy analysis (J.M. Verlayas, R.R. Levary). A multicriteria approach to performance measurement in hospitals: a DEA approach (K.D. Lawrence, S.M. Lawrence and G. Kleinman). A multiple objective approach to data envelopment analysis (R. Klimberg, M. Puddecombe). A multicriteria DEA model for evaluating the intensive supervision for probationers (K.D. Lawrence et al.).

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