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Fiscal Policy, Inequality and Welfare Vol: 10

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20 May 2003
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
260 pages - 156 x 234 x 15mm
Research on Economic Inequality


"Research on Economic Inequality, Volume 10, Fiscal Policy, Inequality and Welfare" contains ten papers, both theoretical and applied, on tax progressivity and tax and transfer equity. Theory topics covered include consumption tax equity, alternative definitions of tax progressivity, horizontal equity and reranking. The applied work includes studies of Australia's consumption taxes, Israel's national insurance tax system, Mexican transfer system, Canadian tax equity, trends in US tax and transfer progressivity and a study of the impact of the repeal of the US marriage tax penalty.
1. Non-uniform consumption taxes: A "blunt redistributive instrument?"(J. Creedy). 2. Marginal tax rates and the measurement of tax progressivity (L. Achdut, Y. Awad, J. Silber). 3. Horizontal equity and differences in income tax treatment: A reconciliation (X. Ramos, P. Lambert). 4. Classical horizontal inequality and reranking: An integrating approach (J-Y. Duclos, V. Jalbert, A. Araar). 5. Ranking individuals versus groups (S. Yitzhaki, M. Eisenstaedt). 6. Flat taxes and inequality in Canada (J. Davies, M. Hoy, T. Lynch.). 7. The impact of public transfers on inequality and social welfare: Comparing Mexico's PROGRESA to other government programs (Q. Wodon, B. de la Briere, C. Siaens, S. Yitzhaki). 8. Income tax progressivity in the United States: New evidence, 1969-1995 (Q.H. Zhang, J.P. Formby). 9. The distributional effects of US tax and transfer policy on the household (J.Mills, S. Zandvakili). 10. Redistribution, welfare and equity effects of marriage tax penalties in the United States (J.A. Bishop, J.P. Formby, H. Kim.).

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