Steven Schlozman
Harvard Medical School, USA

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04 Nov 2020
Emerald Publishing Limited
112 pages - 138 x 216mm
Arts for Health
Our world is inundated by film. Our best stories are told on movie screens, on televisions, on smartphones and laptops. Film argues that on-screen storytelling is the most ubiquitous format for art to intersect with health and well-being, offering a way for us to appreciate, understand and even celebrate the most nuanced and complex notions of what it means to be healthy through the stories that we watch unfolding. Clinicians use film to better understand their patients, and individuals use film to better understand themselves and each other.

Using case histories and based on academic research from a range of disciplines, this book explores how film can be used by clinicians and healthcare practitioners to better understand patients; by individuals to better understand themselves and others; and – perhaps most important of all – by societies as a tool in the fight against the stigma of illness. This book not only makes the case that film keeps us healthy, but also tells us how. After all, nothing quite moves us like the movies.
Introduction: Why Film?  
Chapter 1. Depictions of Illness in Modern Cinema and Television;
Chapter 2. Vignettes Describing the Therapeutic Utility of On-Screen Entertainment;
Chapter 3. Health Benefits of Community Engagement in Film;
Chapter 4. Health Benefits of Individual Engagement with Film;
Chapter 5. Techniques for Health Care Professionals to Utilize Film; 
Chapter 6. Solutions to the Lack of Access to Film; 
Chapter 7. The Potential for Cinema to Unexpectedly Reduce the Stigma of Illness; 
Chapter 8. Future Directions and Conclusions
Steven Schlozman is Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, USA. He is a novelist and short story writer, with his first novel (The Zombie Autopsies) optioned for film by George Romero. As well as teaching Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, he also teaches Film and Creative Writing at Harvard University.

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