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Field Guide to Case Study Research in Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure Vol: 6

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26 Jun 2012
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
590 pages - 156 x 234 x 48mm
Advances in Culture, Tourism and Hospitality Research


This field guide provides methods and studies on how-to-do case study research in natural settings. A truly international guide, this text is ideal for those studying and conducting case study research in tourism, hospitality and leisure disciplines. It provides a comprehensive and practical account of how to describe, explain and predict both individual and group case behavior, at the same time explaining behavior among a set of cases relevant to a specific context. This guide embraces and extends Herbert Simon's (Nobel Prize in Economics recipient) insight that a decision results from the conjoining two antecedents in human behavior: cognitive processing of an individual or group and a given context or problem framing. Divided into six parts, this guide includes chapters on: analysis of texts; how-to-do executive interviews; field interviewing in international contexts; stakeholder participatory research; researching indigenous and marginal peoples; and cross-case analysis. The chapters increase skills and understanding of culture, tourism, and hospitality behavior through analysis of the four principle objectives of case study research: accomplishing accuracy; achieving generality; reporting complexity and broad coverage; and achieving impact for improving the individual condition, client, and/or society.
List of Contributors. Why Case Study Research? Introduction to the Field Guide to Case Study Research in Tourism, Hospitality, and Leisure. Analysis of Texts – Introduction. Immersed in Green? Reconfiguring the Italian Countryside Through Rural Tourism Promotional Materials. Evoked Emotions: Textual Analysis Within the Context of Pilgrimage Tourism to Gallipoli. Using Concept Mapping and Stakeholder Focus Groups in a Museum Management Case Study. Assessing the Grounded Theory of Packing for Air Travel Using a Video-Ethnographic Case Study. Using Expressive Text in Research to Interpret and Portray Lived Experience: Lived Experience in Hospitality Receptionist Work. Executive Interviews – Introduction. Single Case Study Research: The Development of www.purenz.com. Fashions in Tourism: The Views of Russian Tourists and Experts. Case Studies in Multicultural Contexts in Asia. Field Research – Introduction. Practical Tips for Conducting Research Abroad. Knowledge Spillovers and Entrepreneurial Opportunities: The Case of Sannio FilmFest. Epiphany Travel and Assisted-Subjective Personal Introspection. Functions and Behaviors of Tourists in Experience Management Process: Case of Three Independent Business Tourists. Case Studies of International Tourists’ in-Destination Decision-Making Processes in New Zealand. Stakeholder Participatory Research – Introduction. Participatory Action Research for Stakeholder Collaboration: Lessons from a Rural Area in Piedmont, Italy. Protecting Social and Cultural Identity in Sustainable Tourism: The Case of Gökçeada, Turkey. Accessibility as Competitive Advantage of a Tourism Destination: The Case of Lousã. DIT-ACHIEV Model for Sustainable Tourism Management: Lessons Learned from Implementing a Holistic Model of Sustainable Tourism Indicators. Researching Indigenous and Marginal Peoples – Introduction. Fieldwork in Remote Communities: An Ethnographic Case Study of Pitcairn Island. Stakeholders, High Stakes and High Tides: Quality of Life in a Small Island Festival Context. Use of Mixed-Methods Case Study to Research Sustainable Tourism Development in South Pacific SIDS. Culturally Sustainable Entrepreneurship: A Case Study for Hopi Tourism. Cross-Case Analysis – Introduction. Designing a Qualitative Multi-Case Research Study to Examine Participatory Community Tourism Planning Practices. Independent Instrumental Case Studies: Allowing for the Autonomy of Cultural, Social and Business Networks in Tanzania. Cross-Case Analysis. About the Authors. Field Guide to Case Study Research in Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure. Advances in culture, tourism and hospitality research. Advances in culture, tourism and hospitality research. Copyright page.

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