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Family and Health Vol: 8, Part A & B

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Multiple copy pack
27 Oct 2014
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
680 pages - 152 x 229 x 40mm
Contemporary Perspectives in Family Research
This Book Set consists of: *9781784410155 - Family Relationships and Familial Responses to Health Issues (Part A) *9781784411268 - Family and Health: Evolving Needs,Responsibilities, and Experiences (Part B) Around the globe, families are often faced with a variety of health issues, often as a result of social, political, religious, and economic forces. Health issues affect both individual family members and the family unit as a whole, as well as impacting family relationships and structures. Illnesses, injuries, and health problems can strike at any time, and can have long-lasting consequences for individuals and their families. This multidisciplinary two part volume addresses the impact health issues have on both individual family members and the family as a unit. The chapters cover a wide range of health related topics including illness in adults and children, long term illness, sexual relationships, mental health, disability and international perspectives. Through the use of a wide variety of methodological and theoretical perspectives, the family scholars in this volume provide considerable insight into the ways in which families and their members are affected by health, as well as how they adapt to and cope with health-related dilemmas.

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