Faculty and Student Research in Practicing Academic Freedom Vol: 31

Enakshi Sengupta
The American University of Kurdistan, Iraq

Patrick Blessinger
Higher Education Teaching and Learning Association, USA

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22 Oct 2020
Emerald Publishing Limited
216 pages - 152 x 229mm
Innovations in Higher Education Teaching and Learning
Events in recent years, including instances in which academics have been jailed for protesting against corrupt political regimes, have demonstrated that the concept of academic freedom is under threat. Presenting case studies which reveal real-life examples of enforced silence, this book examines the concept of academic freedom in the context of globalization and outlines the challenges posed to the development of higher education. 

Offering a balanced view, which also showcases positive improvements in transparency and accountability, the authors examine the role of racial and gender biases, paired against rights and responsibilities, to highlight the drivers of restrictions on academic freedom. Including case studies from Turkey, Iraq, Pakistan and Hungary, along with examples of interventions and programmes intended to uphold freedom values, this volume provides a comprehensive overview of the challenges and potential solutions to securing and practicing academic freedom.
Introduction To Faculty And Student Research In Practicing Academic Freedom; Enakshi Sengupta and Patrick Blessinger
Chapter 1. Civic Engagement And Democratic Atmosphere In Times Of Trouble: Perspectives Of University Students In Turkey; Omer Caliskan
Chapter 2. Academic Freedom In Turkey: A Historical Perspective In Comparison To International Policies And Practices; Ahmet Su And Engin Karadag
Chapter 3. Academic Freedom – To Whom Does It Matter? Exploring The Concept Of Academic Freedom In Kurdistan Region Of Iraq; Enakshi Sengupta And Fahrettin Sumer
Chapter 4. Gender Inequality And Academic Freedom In Pakistani Higher Education; Zainab Fakhr and Hazel Messenger
Chapter 5. Academic Freedom In Hungary: Emblem Of Decay In Illiberal Times; Jessica Jewell
Chapter 6. Academic Freedom In Faculty And Student Research. Balancing Freedom And Discipline: Academic Freedom Within Military Academies; Lynne M. Chandler Garcia
Chapter 7. The Trial: An Examination Of Administrative Power, Labor Law, Free Speech And Academic Freedom in a Community College Context; Galen R. Leonhardy
Chapter 8. Academic Freedom In Faculty And Student Research. Leveraging Shared Leadership To Protect Students, Faculty, And Institutions From Politically Motivated Attacks On Academic Freedom; Jennifer W. Purcell
Chapter 9. "Greater-Good" Arguments As A Restraint On Academic Freedom In The Social Sciences; Loretta G. Breuning
Chapter 10. Academic Freedom And Faculty And Student Research: Perspectives On The Black/ African Doctoral Experience; Pamela Felder Small
Enakshi Sengupta serves as Associate Director of the International Higher Education Teaching and Learning Association, USA. 

 Patrick Blessinger is Chief Research Scientist of the International Higher Education Teaching and Learning Association, USA.
'Higher education sector is under enormous pressure, spurred on by changes to funding arrangements, privatization and more significantly the role of universities towards social and political change. Faculty and Student Research in Practicing Academic Freedom therefore is timely in this tumultuous time and cements the importance of academic freedom.' - Dr Pranit Anand, Lecturer, Learning Design, Queensland University of Technology, Australia

'This book provides a captivating comprehensive snapshot into the issues and challenges that the faculty and students face in practicing academic freedom. The diverse contributions from around the globe on the topic is a must read for scholars, academicians and policy makers for an insightful and in-depth understanding of the topic.' - Dr Sarwat Nauman. Assistant Professor & Associate Editor JoEED . Department of Education. Institute of Business Management, Pakistan

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