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Factors Affecting Worker Well-Being: The Impact of Change in the Labor Market Vol: 40

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07 Nov 2014
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
250 pages - 152 x 229 x 30mm
Research in Labor Economics


This volume contains new important research on worker well-being. Topics include employment contracts, compensation schemes, worker productivity, retirement decisions, the demographic transition, time allocation, and child labor. Among the questions answered are: How important is incentive pay in increasing worker productivity? Does monitoring productivity affect a worker's earnings trajectory? How is the decision to retire different in two-earner families compared to one-earner families? How did the evolution of the family affect men's and women's proclivities to work? Do welfare subsidies encourage recipients to spend additional productive time with their children? Can property titles (land reform) affect child labor in less developed country settings?
Explaining the Revolution in U.S. Fertility, Schooling, and Women’s Work among Households Formed in 1875, 1900, and 1925. Integrating Retirement Models: Understanding Household Retirement Decisions. The Role of Degree Attainment in the Differential Impact of Job Corps on Adolescents and Young Adults. Insecure, Sick and Unhappy? Well-Being Consequences of Temporary Employment Contracts. The Effect of Land Title on Child Labor Supply: Empirical Evidence from Brazil. The Changing Time use of U.S. Welfare Recipients between 1992 and 2005. Does Higher Education Quality Matter in the UK?. Business Visits and the Quest for External Knowledge. Copyright page. Editorial Advisory Board. Factors Affecting Worker Well-being: The Impact of Change in the Labor Market. List of Contributors. Preface. Research in Labor Economics. Factors Affecting Worker Well-being: The Impact of Change in the Labor Market.

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