Exploring Cultural Value: Contemporary Issues for Theory and Practice

Kim Lehman
University of Tasmania, Australia

Ian Fillis
Liverpool John Moores University, UK

Mark Wickham
University of Tasmania, Australia

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25 Jan 2021
Emerald Publishing Limited
248 pages - 152 x 229mm
Exploring Cultural Value presents ground breaking new research on the use of the cultural value lens to explain and investigate those areas of society where art and culture can have an impact or add value, beyond economic measures. The book develops and advances existing concepts around cultural value, and thus provides a deeper understanding of the impacts and value of the arts and cultural sectors.

Contributions bridge academic disciplines and the current discourse of policy-makers, with sections exploring ways of thinking about cultural value, current developments in the field, and challenges for the future. Key themes illustrated throughout include alternative conceptual frameworks of cultural value, national/regional/urban perspectives, evidence from practice, and discussion of how the challenges facing the sectors can be addressed.

Exploring Cultural Value combines academic research, case studies, and practitioner perspectives, making a robust and accessible contribution grounded in real world practice. It is a crucial resource for academics, practitioners and policy makers with an interest in the arts, and provides valuable insights into a facet of human endeavour all of us believe to be vital to society.
Chapter 1: Introduction Kim Lehman, Ian Fillis and Mark Wickham
Part 1. Ways of Thinking about Cultural Value
Chapter 2: The Who, Where and What of Value in the Art Market: understanding the authentic Victoria Rodner and Chloe Preece
Chapter 3: From Cultural Value to Culture’s Value: the part-to-whole relationship in assessments Julian Meyrick and Tully Barnett
Chapter 4: Creative Destruction: problematising cultural value through an art-object-oriented ontology Chloe Preece and Finola Kerrigan
Chapter 5: Cultural Value in Conflict Boram Lee and Ruth Rentschler
Part 2. Current Developments in the Field
Chapter 6: Cultural Value as Practice: seeing future directions, looking back at the AHRC Cultural Value Project Patrycja Kaszynska
Chapter 7: Art in Society: co-creation of cultural value in alternative cultural frames Özge Gökbulut Özdemir
Chapter 8: Mona’s 24 Carrot Gardens: Seeding an Ecology of Cultural Value in Tasmania Marnie Badham, Kit Wise and Abbey MacDonald
Chapter 9: Conflicting Values, the Balancing Act of Artists Charlotte Carey
Chapter 10: The Creative Reputation Dilemma: professional and emotional negotiation of cultural value Can-Seng Ooi 
Part 3. Challenges for the Future
Chapter 11: Cultural Value as a Context for Urban and Regional Development Kim Lehman, Ian Fillis and Mark Wickham
Chapter 12: The Value of Culture in Building Resilience in Cities Chiara Carolina Donelli, Michele Trimarchi, Lorenzo Pratici and Simone Fanelli
Chapter 13: Being Able to Attend or Not: a dilemma in inequality of access to performing arts participation Ayşe Collins
Chapter 14: Museums Across Boundaries Ludovico Solima
Chapter 15: The Arts as an ‘Essential Service’ Kim Lehman, Ian Fillis and Mark Wickham
Kim Lehman is Discipline Leader (Marketing) at the University of Tasmania. His research interests focus on the arts and cultural sectors and he has been published in the Journal of Business Research, the Journal of Marketing Management, and Annals of Tourism Research.

Ian Fillis is Professor of Entrepreneurship at Liverpool Business School, Liverpool John Moores University. He is co-editor of The Handbook of Entrepreneurship and Marketing (2020) and Creative Marketing: An Extended Metaphor for Marketing in a New Age (2006).

Mark Wickham is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Tasmania. He is co-author of Regional Economic Development: The Role of Regional Government in the Development of Internationally Competitive Industry Clusters (2014) and Marketing: Planning and Strategy (2012).

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