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Exploring Criminal and Illegal Enterprise Vol: 5

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22 May 2015
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
288 pages - 152 x 229 x 28mm
Contemporary Issues in Entrepreneurship Research


This book examines the illegal behaviour of entrepreneurs and discusses how criminal entrepreneurs acquire information, learn from their entrepreneurial experiences, and utilize acquired knowledge to develop their organizations. The chapters demonstrate several dimensions of the entrepreneurial processes, such as imagination, innovation, calculated risk taking, alertness to opportunities, opportunity identification, as well as resource assemblage and leverage to exploit an opportunity - all in a criminal context. Illegal methods used by entrepreneurs to identify solutions to problems that lead to the generation of business opportunities are illustrated. Moreover, methods used by criminal entrepreneurs to circumvent barriers to the entrepreneurial process and business developments are highlighted. Issues relating to the formation of crimino-entrepreneurial ventures are critically discussed. Emerging issues relating to illegal corporate entrepreneurship are illustrated.
Out of the Margins: Evaluating the Scale of Employment in Informal Enterprises in Developing and Transition Economies. Copyright page. Exploring Criminal and Illegal Enterprise: New Perspectives on Research, Policy & Practice. List of Contributors. Series Editor’s Preface. Contemporary issues in entrepreneurship research. Exploring Criminal and Illegal Enterprise: New Perspectives on Research, Policy & Practice. Modelling Entrepreneurial Endeavour in the Nexus between Terrorism and Organised Crime: Does Supporting Terrorism Present a Red Line in Organised Criminals Pursuit of Profit?. White-Collar, Blue-Collar and Collarless Crime: The Complicity of Victims in ‘Victimless Crime’. Creative Compliance, Constructive Compliance: Corporate Environmental Crime and the Criminal Entrepreneur. The Criminal Entrepreneur in David Peace’s Red Riding. Dark Matters: The Institutional Entrepreneurship of Illicit and Illegal Cyberspace. Learning from the Worst: The U.S. Prison System as a University of Destructive Utility. Value for Whom? Exploring the Value of Informal Entrepreneurial Activities in Post-Socialist Contexts. Towards a Nuanced Typology of Illegal Entrepreneurship: A Theoretical and Conceptual Overview. Stolen to Order! Tractor Theft as an Emerging International Criminal Enterprise. Conversations with a ‘Small-Town’ Criminal Entrepreneur: A Case Study. About the Editors.

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