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Expert Humans: Critical Leadership Skills for a Disrupted World

Michael Jenkins
CEO Expert Humans, Singapore

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09 Mar 2021
Emerald Publishing Limited
220 pages - 152 x 229mm
Expert Humans: Critical Leadership Skills for a Disrupted World examines the critical leadership concepts of Altruism, Compassion and Empathy (ACE) and their application to the great disruptors of today: sustainability, global health, inequality, digital transformation and erosion of trust - from social, historical and psychological perspectives - to support the development of more human workplaces and a better world.

The book investigates these ACE behaviours and attributes in depth to show how they can strengthen existing leadership capability. With more ACE leaders in the field the challenges of our disrupted world can be better addressed, and by so doing, create more human workplaces and a more humane society for now and for the future. Drawing on data from the social sciences, close human observation, stories of working people and mini-case studies from around the world - Expert Humans encourages the reader to adopt a more human - and effective - way of living, working and being. This book is intended as a gentle provocation to leaders of small, medium and large organisations, as well as to human resources and organisational development professionals - to help change the nature of what it takes to be a leader, for good.
PART ONE What’s going on? 
Chapter 1. Disruption 
Chapter 2. Purpose and sustainability 
Chapter 3. The impact on humans and the workplace 
PART TWO How do we fit in? 
Chapter 4. Drawing on human psychology 
Chapter 5. Breaking new ground – the ACE model for Expert Humans 
Chapter 6. Altruism 
Chapter 7. Compassion 
Chapter 8. Empathy 
PART THREE What happens next? 
Chapter 9. What do we need to stop, start or continue? 
Chapter 10. Where do we go from here?
Michael Jenkins graduated from Durham University in Chinese, followed by postgraduate studies in Japan. His career in leadership development includes roles as Regional Director, Japan and Korea at INSEAD (France); Director of Executive Education at INSEAD (Singapore); Managing Director - Center for Creative Leadership APAC; Chief Executive - Roffey Park Institute (UK/Singapore) and CEO - Human Capital Leadership Institute (Singapore). He is currently CEO of Singapore-based Expert Humans and a Partner with the FutureWork Forum.

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