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Experiments in Organizational Economics Vol: 19

Sebastian J. Goerg
Florida State University, USA

John R. Hamman
Florida State University, USA

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22 Dec 2016
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
304 pages - 152 x 229 x 24mm
Research in Experimental Economics


'Experiments in Organizational Economics' highlights the importance of replicating previous economic experiments. Replication enables experimental findings to be subjected to rigorous scrutiny. Despite this obvious advantage, direct replication remains relatively scant in economics. One possible explanation for this situation is that publication outlets favor novel work over tests of robustness. 
 Readers will gain a better understanding of the role that replication plays in economic discovery as well as valuable insights into the robustness of previously reported findings.
Introduction: Experiments in Organizational Economics The Effect of Structured Emotion Expression on Reciprocity in Bilateral Gift Exchange - David J. Cooper and John P. Lightle Cheap Talk Games: Comparing Direct and Simplified Replications - Fu-Wen Hsieh and Joseph Tao-Yi Wang Understanding Social Impact Bonds and their Alternatives: An Experimental Investigation - Jade Wong, Andreas Ortmann, Alberto Motta and Le Zhang Self-Regulatory Organizations under the Shadow of Governmental Oversight: An Experimental Investigation - Silvester Van Koten and Andreas Ortmann Does Group Identity Prevent Inefficient Investment in Outside Options? An Experimental Investigation - Hodaka Morita and Maroš Servátka Mellowing with Tenure? Socialization Increases Prosocial Behavior in Public Organizations - Sheheryar Banuri and Philip Keefer Enhancing Autonomy to Motivate Effort: An Experiment on the Delegation of Contract Choice - Shereen J. Chaudhry and David Klinowski The Effects of Compensation Schemes and Performance Feedback on Employees’ Self-Selection: An Experimental Investigation - Fanzheng Yang The Impact of Risk-Aversion and Stress on the Incentive Effect of Performance-Pay - C. Bram Cadsby, Fei Song and Francis Tapon Do Teams Procrastinate? Strategic Procrastination in a Dynamic Environment - Sebastian J. Goerg, Sebastian Kube, Jonas Radbruch and Philipp Weinschenk Behavioral Spillovers in Organizations: A Selective Review - Miguel a. Martínez-Carrasco Corrigendum Index
Sebastian J. Goerg, Department of Economics, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL, USA John R. Hamman, Department of Economics, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL, USA

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