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Experiencing and Managing Emotions in the Workplace Vol: 8

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20 Jun 2012
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
420 pages - 156 x 234 x 36mm
Research on Emotion in Organizations
This volume contains a further selection of the best papers presented at the Seventh Emonet conference (Montreal, Canada, August 2010), following on from Volume 7 and augmented once again with invited chapters authored by leading scholars in the field. "Experiencing and managing emotions in the workplace" comprises fourteen chapters arranged in four sections: The experience of emotion; The dynamics of emotion; Regulating emotion; and The emotionally intelligent organization. These encompass a variety of methodological approaches, including qualitative and quantitative research, sourced from research conducted in organizations in the USA, Europe, and Australasia. The volume's secondary theme is "care and compassion", the theme of the Academy of Management meetings that followed the Emonet conference in Montreal. In effect, organizations that understand their members' emotions and utilize this information in their management practices become "emotionally intelligent" and capable of showing care and compassion to all stakeholders. The chapters in this book provide a rich and varied coverage of the latest developments in the study of the role of emotions in organizational settings.
List of Contributors. Dedication. About the Editors. Overview: Experiencing and Managing Emotions in the Workplace. Chapter 1 The Emotion Experiences of Employees in a Work Setting. Chapter 2 A Model of Psychological Wellness for Human Resource Employees in a Platinum and Steel Production Environment. Chapter 3 Muted Anger in the Workplace: Changing the “Sound” of Employee Emotion Through Social Sharing. Chapter 4 A Holistic Approach to the Explanation of Organizational Behavior: The Theory and Practice of “Analysis of Demand”. Chapter 5 Measuring Affect Over Time: The Momentary Affect Scale. Chapter 6 Emotional Responses to the Injustice of Organizational Change: A Qualitative Study. Chapter 7 The Role of Cognition and Attitude in Driving Behavior: Elaborating on Affective Events Theory. Chapter 8 Affect and Employee Proactivity: A Goal-Regulatory Perspective. Chapter 9 A Model of Compassionate Responses to Anger Expression. Chapter 10 Trading in Emotions: A Closer Examination of Emotional Labor. Chapter 11 The Emotion Work of Police. Chapter 12 Emotion Regulation Strategies among Customer Service Employees: A Motivational Approach. Chapter 13 Organizational Emotional Intelligence: Theoretical Foundations and Practical Implications. Chapter 14 We are all Mad in Wonderland: An Organizational Culture Framework for Emotions and Emotional Intelligence Research. Appendix: Conference Reviewers. Experiencing and Managing Emotions in the Workplace. Research on emotion in organizations. Research on emotion in organizations. Copyright page.

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