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Examining Protege-Mentor Experiences Vol: 2

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21 Sep 1998
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
226 pages - 156 x 234 x 14mm
Diversity in Higher Education


This volume presents studies that provide an in-depth look at the experiences of proteges and mentors during the mentoring process in higher education settings. Within the volume are studies examining the effects of mentoring on individuals as well as those examining the perceptions and experiences of individuals involved in the mentoring process from the protégés and, in some cases, the mentors' perspectives. A major aspect of this volume is the true perspectives offered by many of the participants who were studied by the contributors to this volume. Their voices are real.
The mentoring of faculty and administrators in higher education (J.W. Holland). Mentoring experiences of African-American Ph.D. chemists (W. Pearson Jr., I.M. Warner). Relationships between mentors and Mexican-American and American Indian doctoral students (M.J. Williamson, R.H. Fenske). Role models, mentors, and the experiences of Chicana and Chicano Ph.D. scientists (D.G. Solorzano). Perceptions and assessments of faculty preceptors in a summer research program for minority undergraduate students (H.T. Frierson Jr.). Developing faculty mentors for American Indian and Alaska Native graduate students (D.M. Pavel). The social dynamics of mentoring in graduate education: a case study of African-American students and their graduate advisors (J.R. Valadez). Mentoring of African-American faculty: scaling the promotion and tenure mountain (L.C. Tillman). An investigation of cross-gender mentoring: lessons from Harvard's urban superintendent program (S.D. Blake). Male and female minority students' perceptions and satisfaction concerning a short-term research and mentoring program (H.T. Frierson Jr., T.A. Riggins). Comparing perceptions of mentoring experience of African-American undergraduate humanities/social science and science majors (H.T. Frierson Jr.).

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