Europe's Malaise: The Long View Vol: 27

Francesco Duina
Bates College, USA

Frédéric Merand
Universite de Montreal, Canada

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07 Oct 2020
Emerald Publishing Limited
208 pages - 152 x 229mm
Research in Political Sociology
Europe is struggling. Its challenges include weak economic growth, populism, geopolitical tensions, Brexit, the EU's legitimacy crisis, and much more. Some of the dynamics at work may encourage further integration, but others are undermining it. 

This volume of Research in Political Sociology seeks to adopt a 'longer' view to make sense of Europe's current 'malaise'. Written just before the COVID-19 pandemic, it asks vital and long-term questions about the EU. Are the current challenges unprecedented or do they have roots in, or connections to, past events and developments? Is there a 'big' picture which we should keep in mind? Are there bright spots, and what do they suggest about Europe's present and future? 

To engage in such questions, leading scholars draw from historical and comparative sociology, as well as comparative politics. They offer analyses that see the EU as an instance of state formation. They grapple with the question of identity and institutions, exploring in that context the extent and limit of citizens’ support for more Europeanization. Taken together, they put forward exciting, far-reaching, and illuminating perspectives of enduring relevance as Europe moves toward an uncertain future.
Chapter 1. Europe’s Malaise: Insights from Comparative and Historical Social Science; Francesco Duina and Frédéric Merand
Chapter 2. The Nature of the European Union; Brendan O’Leary 
Chapter 3. The Habsburg Myth and the European Union; Helen Thompson 
Chapter 4. National Identity and the Citizens’ Europe; Juan Díez Medrano 
Chapter 5. In Search of a Cure? Far-right Youth Activism and the Making of a New Europe; Agnieska Pasieka
Chapter 6. Crossing the Race Line:“No Polish, No Blacks, No Dogs” in Brexit Britain? or, The Great British Brexit Swindle; Adrian Favell 
Chapter 7. An Economic Recipe for Backlash; Krzysztof Pelc
Chapter 8. Sovereignty Matters: The Mainstreaming of Populist Politics in the European Union; Nicolas Jabko
Chapter 9. Is the European Union´s role in the world in crisis too? A view from Latin America; Andrea Ribeiro Hoffmann
Francesco Duina is Professor of Sociology and European Studies at Bates College. His research focuses on comparative regionalism and the relevance of nation states worldwide. His books include The Social Construction of Free Trade: The EU, NAFTA, and Mercosur (Princeton, 2006) and Broke and Patriotic: Why Poor Americans Love Their Country (Stanford, 2018).  

Frédéric Merand is Professor of Political Science and Director of CÉRIUM, the University of Montreal Centre for International Studies. During the past four years he conducted an ethnography of the European Commission. He recently edited Coping with Geopolitical Decline: The United States in European Perspective, forthcoming with McGill-Queen’s University Press.

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