Ethics in a Crowded World: Globalisation, Human Movement and Professional Ethics Vol: 22

Vandra Harris
RMIT University, Australia

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24 Oct 2019
Emerald Publishing Limited
128 pages - 152 x 229mm
Research in Ethical Issues in Organizations


The twenty-first century has thus far been characterised by a persistent amplification of diverse and interconnected global flows, as well as various attempts to control, harness and channel these flows for individual and collective benefits. Whether we resist, appropriate, or simply observe those forces, for most of us they have meant significant change and adaptation. 

Conceiving crowdedness broadly, the work in this volume engages with increased exposure to the lives and realities of both proximate and distant others, facilitated by the perpetual motion of globalisation. The chapters approach crowdedness from a range of perspectives. These include a consideration of the expectations of migrating health professionals and the responsibilities of host governments, and humanitarian professionals’ perspectives on whether their sector can genuinely localise. Two chapters consider research ethics in development and humanitarian practice respectively, and the final two propose a role for virtue ethics in addressing identity politics and employee motivation. 

Together these papers demonstrate the broad impacts of globalisation, turning to ethics to inform response and engagement now and in the unpredictable future.
Chapter 1. Ethics, Crowding and Globalisation; Vandra Harris 
Chapter 2. The Ethical Significance of Migrating Health Professionals’ Legitimate Expectations: Canadian and Australian Pathways to Nowhere?; Hugh Breakey, William Ransome, Charles Sampford 
Chapter 3. Humanitarian Localisation: Can we put values into practice?; Vandra Harris, Swornima Tuladhar 
Chapter 4. A Culture of Ethical Inquiry in the International Development Sector; Philippa Smales 
Chapter 5. The Ethics of Research in Humanitarian Action; Rebecca Barber 
Chapter 6. Identity Politics and Virtue Ethics; Chris Provis 
Chapter 7. A Virtue Ethics Perspective on Motivation; Ramsha Naeem, Jawad Syed
Vandra Harris teaches ethics, humanitarianism and international development in RMIT's postgraduate International Development program and researches intersections between diverse actors in development and humanitarian settings, particularly police and militaries.

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