Ethics and Integrity in Visual Research Methods Vol: 5

Savannah Dodd
Queen's University Belfast, UK

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05 Jun 2020
Emerald Publishing Limited
224 pages - 152 x 229mm
Advances in Research Ethics and Integrity
Ethics and Integrity in Visual Research Methods aims to unpack the multiple considerations for ethics and integrity that accompany research methods involving visual data generation and analysis. This volume focuses on the media of photography and film. Contributing authors cover a variety of topics, including: consent and dignity when working with vulnerable and marginalized populations; the limitations of participatory methods within a context of inequity and postcolonialism; the challenges of anonymising visual data; and the risks of sharing visual data online. The authors share their experiences of working with visual methods across a range of contexts, making recommendations for best practice. This volume is intended to be practical, and the key messages aim to be concrete and applicable for anyone embarking on visual methods research.
Chapter 1. Decolonisation, Representation, and Ethics in Visual Life Stories from the Jungle; Aura Lounasmaa, Cigdem Esin and Crispin Hughes 
Chapter 2. Using Participant-Produced Drawings as an Alternative to Photographs in Ethnographic Research; Angela Mazzetti 
Chapter 3. The People in the Pictures Research: Taking care with photo elicitation; Siobhan Warrington  
Chapter 4. “Can I take your photo?” The practicalities of managing informed consent with vulnerable populations; Robert Godden 
Chapter 5. Possibilities and Challenges: Issues in ethical filmmaking using It Stays With You as a case study; Cahal McLaughlin and Siobhán Wills  
Chapter 6. Navigating the Necessary Risks and Emergent Ethics of Visual Methods with Marginalised People; Jacqueline Shaw 
Chapter 7. Ethics and the Archive: Access, appropriation, exhibition; Ciara Chambers  
Chapter 8. Ethical Issues in a Participatory Photography Research Project; Susan M. Brigham and Mohamed Kharbach 
Chapter 9. Letting images “speak for themselves”? User interpretation and the ethical considerations for sharing visual data online; Alice Neeson 
 Chapter 10. The Ethics of Screen Scholarship; Jennie Carlsten
Savannah Dodd is an Anthropologist and Documentary Photographer based in Belfast. She founded the Photography Ethics Centre where her work involves developing online training courses, designing and facilitating workshops, authoring articles for online and print publications, and lecturing at universities on the topic of photography ethics.

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