Essays in Honor of Cheng Hsiao Vol: 41

Dek Terrell
Louisiana State University, USA

Tong Li
Vanderbilt University, USA

M. Hashem Pesaran
University of Southern California, USA

Product Details
15 Apr 2020
Emerald Publishing Limited
472 pages - 152 x 229mm
Advances in Econometrics
Including contributions spanning a variety of theoretical and applied topics in econometrics, this volume of Advances in Econometrics is published in honour of Cheng Hsiao.

In the first few chapters of this book, new theoretical panel and time series results are presented, exploring JIVE estimators, HAC, HAR and various sandwich estimators, as well as asymptotic distributions for using information criteria to distinguish between the unit root model and explosive models. Other chapters address topics such as structural breaks or growth empirics; auction models; and semiparametric methods testing for common vs. individual trends. Three chapters provide novel empirical approaches to applied problems, such as estimating the impact of survey mode on responses, or investigating how cross-sectional and spatial dependence of mortgages varies by default rates and geography. In the final chapters, Cheng Hsiao offers a forward-focused discussion of the role of big data in economics. 

For any researcher of econometrics, this is an unmissable volume of the most current and engaging research in the field.
Introduction; Dek Terrell, Tong Li and M. Hashem Pesaran
Chapter 1. Correction for the Asymptotical Bias of the Arellano-Bond type GMM Estimation of Dynamic Panel Models; Yonghui Zhang and Qiankun Zhou
Chapter 2. Testing Convergence using HAR Inference; Peter Phillips, Jianning Kong and Donggyu Sul
Chapter 3. Bayesian Estimation of Linear Sum Assignment Problems; Yubo Tao and Jun Yu
Chapter 4. A VAR Approach to Forecasting Multivariate Long Memory Processes Subject to Structural Breaks; Cindy S.H. Wang and Shui Ki Wan
Chapter 5. Identifying Global and National Output and Fiscal Policy Shocks Using a GVAR; Alexander Chudik, M. Hashem Pesaran and Kamiar Mohaddes
Chapter 6. The Determinents of Health Care Expenditure and Trends: A Semiparametric Panal Data Analysis of OECD Countries; Ming Kong, Jiti Gao and Xueyan Zhao
Chapter 7. Growth empirics: a Bayesian semiparametric model with random coefficients for a panel of OECD Countries; Badi H. Baltagi, Georges Bresson and Jean-Michel Etienne
Chapter 8. Robust Estimation and Inference for Importance Sampling Estimators with Infinite Variance; Joshua Chan, Chenghan Hou and Thomas Tao Yang
Chapter 9. Econometrics of Scoring Auctions; Jean-Jacques Laffont, Isabelle Perrigne, Michel Simioni, and Quang Vuong
Chapter 10. Bayesian Estimation of Linear Sum Assignment Problems; Yu-Wei Hsieh and Matthew Shum
Chapter 11. The Mode is the Message: Using Predata as Exclusion Restrictions to Evaluate Survey Design; Heng Chen, Geoffrey Dunbar, and Q. Rallye Shen
Chapter 12. Estimating Peer Effects on Career Choice: A Spatial Multinomial Logit Approach; Bolun Li, Robin Sickles and Jenny Williams
Chapter 13. Mortgage Portfolio Diversification in the Presence of Cross-Sectional and Spatial Dependence; Timothy Dombrowski, R. Kelley Pace and Rajesh Narayanan
Chapter 14. An Econometrician's Perspective on Big Data; Cheng Hsiao Hsiao
Chapter 15. Comments on 'An Econometrician's Perspective on Big Data'; Thomas Fomby
Chapter 16. Comments on 'An Econometrician's Perspective on Big Data' by Cheng Hsiao; Georges Bresson
Dek Terrell is the Freeport-McMoRan Professor of Economics at Louisiana State University, where his research has focused on the Louisiana Economy. He has traced the impact of hurricane Katrina, the BP Oil Spill, and worked on over a 100 Louisiana-related empirical economic projects.  
Tong Li is the Gertrude Conaway Vanderbilt Chair in Social and Natural Sciences and Professor Economics at Vanderbilt University. His research primarily focuses on microeconometrics, with a focus on identification and inference of econometric models with latent variables and game-theoretic models. 
M. Hashem Pesaran is the John Elliot Distinguished Chair in Economics and Professor of Economics at USC Dornsife, as well as the Director of the Center for Applied Financial Economics. Recently, his research has focused on the econometric analysis of heterogeneous dynamic panels with unobserved common effects, among others.

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