Environmentalism and NGO Accountability Vol: 9

Kemi C. Yekini
SOAS University of London, UK

Liafisu Sina Yekini
University of Derby, UK

Paschal Ohalehi
De Montfort University, UK

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27 Nov 2020
Emerald Publishing Limited
176 pages - 152 x 229mm
Advances in Environmental Accounting & Management
It is increasingly being recognised across society that the preservation of our natural environment should shape political, economic and social policies. This book delves into the partnership of non-governmental organisations (NGOs), Environmental NGOs (ENGOs), their communities, and their governmental counterparts in responding to this need. 

Providing extended research on environmentalism and the NGOs’ roles in promoting environmental accountability, the chapters present a comprehensive overview of the interaction between the two themes both regionally and internationally. Topics include the accountability of Environmental NGOs (ENGOs), impact of NGOs on environmental sustainability, NGOs and sustainable development goals, NGOs and social reporting quality, and the role of NGOs in urban and rural environmental governance. The authors present these insights within the context of developing economies, continental and global perspectives, as well as the transformational angle. This book provides readers with a truly comprehensive snapshot of the environmental accountability of NGOs.
Chapter 1. Review of Environmentalism and NGO Accountability;  Kemi C. Yekini, Liafisu Sina
Chapter 2. Achieving Sustainability through Environmental Social Governance (ESG) Reporting: Overcoming the Challenges; C.O. Mgbame, A. Aderin, Paschal Ohalehi, and A.M. Chijoke-Mgbame
Chapter 3. Developing Local Government’s Socio-Environmental Accountability: Insights from Indonesian Socio-Environmental NGOs Annual Reports; Habib Muhammad Shahib, Eko Ganis Sukoharsono, M. Achsin, and Yeney Widya Prihatiningtias
Chapter 4. Environmental Accountability, NGOs and Extended Producer Responsibility in Nigeria: The Views of Corporate Responsibility Officers and Accountants; I.I. Okwuosa
Chapter 5. NGOs’ Engagements and Ghana’s Environmental Accounting Disclosure Quality; H. Maama, J.O. Akande and M. Doorasamy
Chapter 6. Impact of the Oversight Role of NGOs on the Environmental Reporting and Social Responsibility of Listed Manufacturing Companies in Nigeria; A.A. Adeyemi, O.T. Bakare, A.J. Akindele, and O. Soyode
Chapter 7. Reviewing the Business of Non-Governmental Organizations in African Transformation; N.M. Ojo and O.P. Mafimisebi
Chapter 8. NGO Accountability on Environmentalism: A Literature Review of Relevant Issues and Themes; Liafisu Sina Yekini and Kemi C. Yekini
Kemi Yekini is a Chartered Accountant and Professor of Accounting in the School of Finance and Management, SOAS University of London, UK. Her research focuses on accountability and transparency of Sustainability reports. 

Liafisu Sina Yekini is a Chartered Accountant and Professor of Accounting and Accountability. He is the research lead of the Accounting Research Group, Accounting, Accountability and Ethics Research Cluster (AAER) within the Centre for Business Improvement at Derby Business School, UK. 

 Paschal Ohalehi is a Senior Lecturer in Forensic Accounting at De Montfort University, Leicester, UK. His research interest cuts across not for profit organisations.

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