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Environmental Contexts and Disability Vol: 8

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07 Nov 2014
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
300 pages - 152 x 229 x 33mm
Research in Social Science and Disability


Physical structure, economic expectation or social relationship norms developed within various cultures can either restrict or support the participation of individuals with disabilities in society. The influence of environmental factors can vary significantly according to context, characteristics or by action difficulty. The objective of this volume is to identify and address environmental issues that support or restrict the participation of persons with functional limitations in society, either at the micro, meso or macro levels. The papers address both individual, societal, national and international levels of environment and shed new light on the processes involved with creating or modifying these environmental supports or barriers. Several papers approach the societal and intra-societal levels. The volume is separated into four parts; part one focuses on the larger disability environment from an international, national and community perspective, the second includes important theoretical and methodological approaches; section three highlights reviews of the environmental literature and the final section addresses personal experience with environmental barriers.
Disabled Persons Associations at the Crossroads of Two Organizational Environments: Grassroots Groups as Part of an International Movement and Local Civil Society. The Experience of Environmental Barriers among Adults with Disabilities: A National Description. Assessing and Comparing the Accessibility of Community Environments: A Feasibility Study. Disability, Rehabilitation Research and Post-Cartesian Embodied Ontologies – Has the Research Paradigm Changed?. Schelling’s Checkerboard and Computer Simulators’ Predictions of Spatial Isolation of Group Homes for Persons with Disabilities. Exploring the Feasibility of Using “Google Street View” to Assess the Accessibility of Community Environments: Developing Definitions and Observational Protocol for Image Recognition and Classification. The Effects of Professional Discourse on Disability 1931–2009: Environments of Inclusive and Restricted Participation. Using a Rapid Scan to Assess the Need for a Scoping Review of the Literature on the Environment and Disability. Examining Macro and Meso Level Barriers to Hiring Persons with Disabilities: A Scoping Review. ‘I Can Reinvent Myself Out Here’: Experiences of Nature Inclusion and Mental Well-Being. Encounters with Inaccessibility: The Contexts Women with Spinal Cord Injury Face when Seeking Gynecological Health Care. An Examination of Systems-Level Barriers to Employment for Persons with Vision Loss. Introduction: Environmental Contexts and Disability. List of Contributors. Copyright page. Environmental Contexts and Disability. Research in Social Science and Disability. Environmental Contexts and Disability. About the authors and editors.

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