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Environment and Community Empowerment Vol: 7

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25 Jul 1997
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
320 pages - 156 x 234 x 19mm
Research in Community Sociology


This volume presents research focusing on environmental issues, local community and global changes resulting from socioeconomic and political forces in advanced industrialized societies. Some of the changing perceptions of technology in the environmental movement, ecological concerns, and policy issues are examined. Case studies of community problems and community development efforts are discussed within the context of local-global environmental nexus and quality of community life.
Part 1 Introduction: the long-global nexus of environment and community empowerment, Dan A. Chekki. Part 2 Images of the community - interdisciplinary dimensions: the end of community? forms, process and pattern, Laurie Miller, Dean Bavington and Nick Garside. Part 3 Environmental issues and community activism/change: technological change and global change - toward a flexible environment? Joel Novek; toxic contamination and alienation - community disorder and the individual, Stephen R. Couch, Steve Kroll-Smith and John P. Wilson; municipal boundaries and prospective Lulu impacts, William Michelson; sacred space in the city - community totems and political contests, Scott Swearingen; environmental policies and community activism - the timber debate in Oregon, Kimberley Saliba; pursuing rural community development in resource dependent areas - obstacles and opportunities, Richard S. Krannich and Brett Zolinger; from functional to symbolic local community, Pertti Rannikko. Part 4 Built environment and citizen intiatives: do citizens initiatives affect growth? the case of five Sandiego suburbs, Richard Hogan. Part 5 Perceptions of global environment: the changing status of global warming as a social problem - competing factors in two public arenas, Jerry Williams and R. Scott Frey.

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