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Entrepreneurship in International Marketing Vol: 25

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04 Feb 2015
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
344 pages - 152 x 229 x 30mm
Advances in International Marketing
"The latest volume in the Advances in International Marketing series is a fresh addition to the international marketing literature, expanding the current knowledge in several significant ways. Divided in to two sections, the first part of Vol. 25 addresses important issues concerning entrepreneurship in the international market. Pulling together papers authored by well-known scholars they look at issues such as born-global firms' evolution, market orientation, alliance capabilities, customer orientation, and performance in the global market. Collectively, these papers shed significant new light on the role of entrepreneurship in born-global firms and exporting firms. The second part of Entrepreneurship in International Marketing brings together a collection of papers dealing with contemporary international marketing issues, including the conceptual domain of international marketing, global brands and luxury brands in emerging markets, international retail supply chains, and exit behaviour of FDI firms."
Born Global Firms: Evolution of a Contemporary Phenomenon. The Market Orientation of Domestic and International New Ventures. The Effects of Entrepreneurial Marketing Strategies on the Long-Term Competitive Sustenance of Born Global Firms: Examples from the Indian Knowledge-Intensive Services Industry. The Alliance Capability of Technology-Based Born Globals. The Effects of Dynamic Capabilities on Value-Based Pricing and Export Performance. Export Marketing Strategy and Performance among Micro and Small Brazilian Enterprises. The Effect of Social Media Adoption on Exporting Firms’ Performance. A Literature Review, Classification, and Simple Meta-Analysis on the Conceptual Domain of International Marketing: 1990–2012. A Framework for Understanding Firms’ Foreign Exit Behavior. Institutional Forces and Firms’ Positioning in China and Brazil. Does the Value of Global Brands Apply to Both Foreign and Domestic-Based Global Brands?. Luxury Brands in Emerging Markets: A Case Study on China. The Effects of Stability, Diversity, and Density on Relationship Flexibility in an International Retail Supply Network: A Proposed Theory and Research Hypotheses. Entrepreneurship in International Marketing. List of Contributors. Advances in international marketing. Entrepreneurship in International Marketing. Copyright page. Entrepreneurship in International Marketing and AIM Volume 25.

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