Entrepreneurship for Deprived Communities: Developing Opportunities, Capabilities and Enterprise Culture

Nikolai Mouraviev
Abertay University, Scotland

Alex Avramenko
Abertay University, Scotland

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09 Apr 2020
Emerald Publishing Limited
224 pages - 129 x 198mm
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This study investigates barriers to developing enterprise in deprived communities, highlights trade-offs local authorities face and offers guidance that contributes to a model for developing a community-centered enterprise culture that is critical for reinvigorating disadvantaged groups. Alex Avramenko and Nikolai Mouraviev focus on deprived communities where entrepreneurship traditionally was extremely difficult to conceive and offer insights on under-researched issues, such as enablers of entrepreneurship by local government's integrated approach that blends opportunity generation with capacity and skill building, complemented by support services. They also focus on the formation of an enterprise culture that should become a foundation of policy, enablers and tools for revitalizing deprived communities.Chapters explore range of issues and examples, including rethinking the dynamics of micro enterprise, rural entrepreneurship, senior entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship in a cosmopolitan city, civic/community-centered entrepreneurship and lifestyle entrepreneurship.
Chapter 1: Introduction: Towards a model for developing an enterprise culture in deprived communities
Chapter 2: Rethinking the dynamics of micro enterprise: Mobilising necessity entrepreneurship for the needs of deprived communities
Chapter 3: Rural entrepreneurship
Chapter 4: Senior entrepreneurship: Ageing, entrepreneurial identity, behaviour and challenges
Chapter 5: Fostering entrepreneurship in cosmopolitan cities
Chapter 6: Social and community-centred entrepreneurship: Developing opportunities for deprived communities
Chapter 7: Lifestyle entrepreneurs: Unpacking their potential for deprived communities
Chapter 8: Conclusion: Integrative approach to enterprise development in deprived communities - Lessons learned
Dr Nikolai Mouraviev is a Senior Lecturer in Business and Management at Abertay University, Dundee, Scotland, UK. Previously he has held teaching positions at KIMEP University, Kazakhstan; Wayne State University, US; and Viterbo University, US. Part of his research focuses on public-private collaboration in developing nations and he has published extensively in this area. In addition, his research interests include entrepreneurship, particularly in cosmopolitan cities, and governance of the energy sector. Dr Mouraviev has co-authored five books, including one research monograph, and published more than 50 papers.

Dr Alex Avramenko is an experienced entrepreneur who returned to academia, completed his MBA and PhD in Management, to share his entrepreneurial experience and to advance research in entrepreneurship, particularly in rural contexts. For the last 10+ years, Alex has been lecturing for the Salford Business School and the Dundee Business School in Europe (UK, Austria and Latvia) and Southeast Asia (Malaysia). His research interests include digital, rural and energy entrepreneurship, as well as innovations in teaching and learning practice in Higher Education. Alex has published extensively and shared his knowledge within the domain of management consultancy.

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