Entrepreneurial Opportunities: Economics and Sustainability for Future Growth

Vanessa Ratten
La Trobe University, Australia

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02 Mar 2020
Emerald Publishing Limited
192 pages - 152 x 229mm


Focusing on sustainable innovation in emerging economies, this book is amongst the first to identify how these perspectives can be used by entrepreneurs within the process of recognising opportunities.  

As identifying opportunities is fundamental to successful entrepreneurship, it is crucial for aspirant entrepreneurs to identify appropriate openings that help them gain a competitive advantage in the international marketplace. Whilst there are an abundance of opportunities available, assessing them in terms of their timeliness and relevance is vital. 

Each chapter introduces a new way of looking at entrepreneurial opportunities in a range of different contexts including emerging markets, franchise relationships, pricing and revenue management, and the tourism sector. This global, cross-disciplinary perspective of entrepreneurial opportunities offers a unique blending of multiple theoretical viewpoints which are useful for researchers of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs themselves. Enabling the development of both a social and financial view of entrepreneurship, Vanessa Ratten curates a collection which characterises and responds to the contemporary market pressures felt by business leaders worldwide.
Chapter 1. Entrepreneurial Opportunities: Economics and Sustainability for Future Growth; Vanessa Ratten and Petrus Usmanij 
Chapter 2. Country-Specific Sociocultural Institutional Factors as Determinants of Female Entrepreneurs' Successful Sustainable Business Strategies within the Context of Turkey and the UK; Ufi Cullen and Chris Archer-Brown  
Chapter 3. Microfinance - An Emerging Tool for Women’s Economic Empowerment; Lubna Sameer Khalaf and Nahil Ismail Saqfailhait  
Chapter 4. Understanding Cultural Diversity in Franchising: Recommendations and Implications for Recruitment of Migrant Franchisees; Robin Roberts, Lorelle Frazer, Scott Weaven and Park Thaichon 
Chapter 5. Transformational Leadership in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry; Liezel Vargas-Sevalle, Masoud Karami and Sam Spector 
Chapter 6. Indebtedness of Restaurant Firms in Portugal: Application of Theories of Capital Structure; Aida Brito, Carlos Pinho and Graça Azevedo 
Chapter 7. Franchise Risk Ecology: A Risk Ecology for Analysing, Mitigating and Pricing Franchisee Contracted Risks; Maurice Roussety, Lorelle Frazer, Scott Weaven and Park Thaichon 
Chapter 8. Digital Pricing; Peter Baumgart 
Chapter 9. New Ceramic Solutions in Sustainable Hotels within the Scope of Sustainable Innovation; Ahmet Vatan and Zuhal Yilmaz
Vanessa Ratten is an Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at La Trobe University, Australia. She has sole-authored numerous books including Social Entrepreneurship in Sport (2019), Sport Technology and Innovation (2019), Frugal Innovation (2019), and Sports Innovation Management (2017). She has also co-edited several books including Societal Entrepreneurship and Competitiveness (Emerald, 2019), Diversity and Entrepreneurship (2019), and Subsistence Entrepreneurship (2019). Her research on sport entrepreneurship, international entrepreneurship and technology innovation has also been published in many prestigious journals.

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