Energy Economics: Understanding Energy Security in China

Yi-Ming Wei
Beijing Institute of Technology, China

Qiao-Mei Liang
Beijing Institute of Technology, China

Gang Wu
Beijing Institute of Technology, China

Hua Liao
Beijing Institute of Technology, China

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23 Sep 2019
Emerald Publishing Limited
512 pages - 152 x 229mm
As the largest energy consuming country and the second largest oil importing country, China has been the net importer of all fossil energy since 2009. With its increasing external energy dependence year by year, as well as frequent occurrences of oil, coal, and electricity shortages, the issue of energy security has been increasingly serious. What is the level of energy security in China? How might we improve national energy supply security and reduce energy trade risks?  

This book sets out a systematic piece of research which attempts to tackle these hot issues. It starts with the history of world energy geopolitics and domestic energy security, focusing on the hot issues of the complexity of the international energy market, and moves to domestic energy import trade risks, domestic strategic energy reserve strategies, and the impact of the energy crisis on domestic economy. Further insights include the environmental and health effects of energy consumption, the development potential of renewable energy, energy security early-warning and contingency plans, and an international comparison of energy security.  

The book will be an insightful resource for researchers and students of energy economics and energy management. It will also be a helpful support and reference tool for decision-makers in the energy industry.
Chapter 1. Review of World Energy Situation and China's Energy Security 
Chapter 2. World Energy Geopolitics Development and China's Energy Diplomacy 
Chapter 3. Oil Price and Energy Security 
Chapter 4. Assessment of Energy Import and Transportation Risk of China 
Chapter 5. Research on China's Energy Reserve Strategy 
Chapter 6. Key Provincial Sectors for Energy Conservation in China 
Chapter 7. Effects of Clean and Renewable Energy on National Energy Security 
Chapter 8. Energy Poverty and Energy Use Security 
Chapter 9. Energy Supply Crisis and Economic Security Research 
Chapter 10. Energy Consumption and Public Health in China 
Chapter 11. Comprehensive Evaluation of National Energy Security 
Chapter 12. Challenges and Outlook of China's Energy Security
Yi-Ming Wei is Distinguished University Professor of Energy and Environmental Economics and Director of the Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research at the Beijing Institute of Technology. 
Qiao-Mei Liang is Professor of the Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research at the Beijing Institute of Technology. 
Gang Wu is Director of the Division of Business Administration in the Department of Management Sciences at the National Natural Science Foundation of China. 
Hua Liao is Professor and Deputy Director of the Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research at the Beijing Institute of Technology.

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