Empirical Nursing: The Art of Evidence-Based Care

Bernie Garrett
University of British Columbia, Canada

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26 Oct 2018
Emerald Publishing Limited
304 pages - 152 x 229mm
This book seeks to provide students and practicing nurses with the tools to better understand and engage in scientific arguments to support quality nursing and evidence-based practice.
The nature of nursing and its relationship with science remains an area of ongoing debate, controversy and considerable confusion to both students and practitioners. For a science-based health discipline, it is something of a paradox that most nursing students have limited exposure to scientific philosophy education, which is not covered in depth in many modern university nursing programmes. This work seeks to remedy this: in providing material on modern scientific research methods, with particular emphasis on the context of practice, it presents an alternative theoretical iteration of holistic nursing as scientific inquiry.
The author is a passionate advocate for empirical and pragmatic approaches to nursing, and the book provides challenging ideas to support a new wave of critical-thinking in contemporary nursing, confronting postmodern dogma with contemporary scientific critique. In doing so, this text engages readers with the art of progressive empirical client-centred care, appropriate for the development of 21st century holistic nursing practice.
Preface: Using This Book 
Chapter 1. Science and Nursing - Why Should I Care? 
Chapter 2. The Rise of Empiricism 
Chapter 3. Modern Science and Nursing 
Chapter 4. Scientific Determinism, Causality and Care 
Chapter 5. Social Science: Scientific Realism, Alternative Frameworks and the Rise of Postmodern Thought 
Chapter 6. Evidence-Based Practice and Contemporary Nursing 
Chapter 7. Perception and Proof 
Chapter 8. The Role of Science in Nursing and Contemporary Health Care 
Chapter 9. The Road Ahead - An Empirical Framework for Person, Family, Community and Population Centred Care 
The Good Science Detection Guide
Dr Bernie Garrett is a Professor at the University of British Columbia, School of Nursing. He was a renal clinical nurse specialist for 15 years before becoming a nurse educator and holds a PhD in information Science. Dr Garrett currently works in the fields of health technologies and deceptive healthcare practices, and his work is underpinned by a passion for science and technology, and he frequently writes on these subjects. He is the author of Fluids & Electrolytes: Essentials for Healthcare Practice, and also co-author of the popular Clinical Pocket Reference for Nurses series which has sold over 60,000 copies to date.
“Broad in scope but comprehensive in detail, this book will benefit nursing students, researchers and clinicians. The work is thorough, informed, provocative and readable. I anticipate using it frequently when teaching, and I recommend it to under and post-graduate nurses of all stripes.” – Dr Martin Lipscomb, University of Worcester

“I highly recommend this text for anyone teaching philosophy of nursing science at a graduate level. A thoughtful journey through the history of ideas about knowledge and truth claims in our discipline. And lots of fodder for lively dialogue!” -

Dr. Sally Thorne, University of British Columbia, Canada

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