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Emotions in Groups, Organizations and Cultures Vol: 5

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09 Jul 2009
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
332 pages - 152 x 229 x 21mm
Research on Emotion in Organizations
The study of emotions in organizations is unlocking new and exciting insights into why employees behave as they do in groups, organizations and in different cultural contexts. In this 5th volume of "Research on Emotion in Organizations", a collection of the latest work advancing knowledge and practice in these areas is showcased. The readings will appeal to all seeking a better understanding of the social and emotional competencies that help employees thrive in the workplace, the types of emotional self-management strategies employees use in managing emotion work and how the work context affects these, the impact of emotional displays in the workplace on performance appraisal and perceived organizational commitment, the role of unconscious affect on attitudes and behaviors at work, how interpersonal relationships between co-workers affect vitality and job performance, cross-national and cross-cultural issues, and how to build positive work environments.
Overview. Chapter 1 How can we make sense of emotional and social competencies within organizational settings?. Chapter 2 Emotional expression, gender, personality, and workplace appropriate behaviors. Chapter 3 Positive work relationships, vitality, and job performance. Chapter 4 On the directionality of vigor–JOB SATISFACTION RELATIONSHIPS: A LONGITUDINAL STUDY. Chapter 5 The secret life of mood: causes and consequences of unconscious affect at work. Chapter 6 Emotional deviance and organizational discipline: a study of emotions in grievance arbitration. Chapter 7 Emotion work: a study with call center operators. Chapter 8 Organizational emotional intelligence and performance: an empirical study. Chapter 9 The role of emotional self-efficacy, emotional intelligence, and affect in workplace incivility and workplace satisfaction. Chapter 10 Building positive responses to bullying: establishing the framework. Chapter 11 Using an emotion regulation framework to predict the outcomes of emotional labor. Chapter 12 Does culture influence intelligence? A study of the influence of cultural context. Chapter 13 Cross-national cross-cultural research of emotions at work: a review and some recommendations. About the Editors. List of Contributors. About the Authors. Dedications. Research on emotion in organizations. Emotions in groups, organizations and cultures. Copyright page.

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