Emotions and Leadership Vol: 15

Neal M. Ashkanasy
The University of Queensland, Australia

Wilfred J. Zerbe
Fairleigh Dickinson University, Canada

Charmine E. J. Härtel
The University of Queensland, Australia

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26 Aug 2019
Emerald Publishing Limited
288 pages - 152 x 229mm
Research on Emotion in Organizations
This volume of Research on Emotion in Organizations contributes to the ongoing research on emotions in the workplace, focusing on organizational leadership and interpersonal relationships within organizational structures. The chapters in this book represent a range of different methodologies that reveal the pervasive role of emotions in leadership and emphasize the need for scholars to address emotions if they are to obtain a more complete understanding of organizational leadership. 

Emotions and Leadership is divided into three parts which explore and analyse developments in the following areas: leadership and individual team members, leadership and its effects on the team construct, and leadership in the overall context of organizations and culture. This three-level analysis provides a foundation for future research into emotion in organizations, organizational psychology and leadership.
Part I: Leaders and Members 
1. Power and Emotion Recognition: The Moderating Role of Work Stress;  Anna Faber and Frank Walter 
2. A Diary Investigation of Daily Emotions, Emotional Display and Leaders’ Authenticity in a Cohort of City Traffic Police; Muhammad Ali Asadullah, Usman Abdullah and Ahmad Siddiquei  
3. A Multilevel Study of Leaders’ Emotional Labor on Servant Leadership and Job Satisfaction; Yan Li, Khalid Mehmood, Xiaoyuan Zhang and Corene M. Crossin  
4. Emotional Intelligence as a Moderator of Emotional Responses to Leadership; Marie T. Dasborough 
5. Entrained Engagement? Investigating if Work Engagement Follows a Predictable Pattern Across the Work Week and the Role of Personality in Shaping its Pattern; Denisa Luta, Deborah M. Powell and Jeffrey R. Spence
Part II: Leaders and Teams 
6. Identifying with the In-group Increases Aggressive Tendencies against the Out-group: The Mediating Role of Schadenfreude;  Raja Intan Arifah binti Raja Reza Shah and Eugene Y. J. Tee 
7. Is Support Always Good? Exploring whether Supervisory Support Enhances or Attenuates the Beneficial Effect of Positive Group Affective Tone on Team and Individual Creativity; Nai-Wen Chi 
8. The Importance of Empathy as a Distal Leadership Attribute in the Emergence of Leaders in Small Groups; Ronald B. Humphrey, Janet B. Kellett, Randy G. Sleeth, Chao Miao and Shanshan Qian 
Part III: Leaders, Organizations and Culture 
9. The role of angel investors’ emotions in socially situated investment opportunity evaluations; Kirsi Snellman and Gabriella Cacciotti 
10. Self-Uncertainty and Emotional Well-being Across Cultures: The Mediating Roles of Social Comparison; Hamidreza Harati, Neal M. Ashkanasy and Mahsa Amirzadeh  
11. Developmental factors influencing effective leaders: A life story view of executive leadership development; Jennifer A. Nash
Neal M. Ashkanasy is a Professor of Management at the University of Queensland Business School in Australia. His research on leadership, emotions, organizational culture and ethics has been published in international journals such as the Academy of Management Review, Journal of Organizational Behavior, and Journal of Applied Psychology
Wilfred J. Zerbe is Vancouver Campus Executive at Fairleigh Dickinson University, Canada. His research on emotions in organizations, organizational research methods, business ethics and leadership has appeared in books and journals including the Academy of Management Review and Journal of Business Research
Charmine E. J. Härtel is Professor and Chair of Inclusive Organizational Leadership and Employment at the University of Queensland Business School in Australia. Her work integrates Strengths-Oriented HRM, Positive Organizational Scholarship, and Occupational Health Psychology and appears in over 200 leading publications.

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