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Emerging Market Firms in the Global Economy Vol: 15

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07 Nov 2014
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
260 pages - 152 x 229 x 34mm
International Finance Review
The adoption of pro-market economic reforms by emerging market economies in last two decades has transformed the institutional context for firms in these economies. The objective of this volume is to better understand how domestic and foreign firms have transformed their strategy, organization and management system in response to this change. Understanding of such transformation will provide implications to integrate contextual factors in theorizing about firm behaviour in emerging as well as developed economies. These studies will also assist practicing managers to comprehend various configurations of firm activities and complexities of competition in diverse institutional settings.
Acquiring Firm-Specific Advantages: Organizational Innovation and Internationalization at Indian Multinational Corporations. Degree of Internationalization and Economic Performance of SMEs in Bangalore: Influential Factors and Outcomes. The Role of Personal Networks in Russian MNCs’ Internationalization. Low-Level Management Control and Cross-Border Knowledge Transfer of Emerging Economy Firms. The Internationalization of Russian Mobile Telecommunications Operators. Shareholder Value Creating Strategies for Emerging Markets. Do Service Firms Prefer Domestic Expansion despite Prior International Experience: The Case of Indian Software MNEs. Brazilian Companies in their Habitat: The Impacts of Pro-Market Reforms in their Evolution and Internationalization. Corporate Financial Reporting in the BRIC Economies: A Comparative International Analysis of Segment Disclosure Practices. Are Chinese CEOs Stewards or Agents? Revisiting the Agency–Stewardship Debate. How Do Family, Insider, and Institutional Shareholder Perceive Institutional Risks in Foreign Market Entry? Evidence from Newly Industrialized Economy Firms. Effects of Market Timing on the Capital Structure of Brazilian Firms. List of Contributors. Copyright page. Emerging Market Firms in the Global Economy. International finance review. Emerging Market Firms in the Global Economy. Emerging Market Firms in the Global Economy: An Overview.

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