Emerging Conceptions of Work, Management and the Labor Market Vol: 30

Steven P. Vallas
Northeastern University, USA

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04 Nov 2019
Emerald Publishing Limited
248 pages - 152 x 229mm
Research in the Sociology of Work
Economic institutions are undergoing radical transformations, and with these has come a reconfiguration of labor market institutions, managerial conceptions of work, and the nature of authority and control over employees as well. Yet many of these changes remain poorly understood. This volume provides a sampling of state-of-the art theory and research in the field, and addresses a wide array of questions that are vital for managers, policy makers, labor unions, and employees themselves. How has new technology changed the job search process? How has the Great Recession affected racial boundaries within the labor market? What forms of managerial thinking underlie the proliferation of downsizing as a strategic practice? How have employees responded to labor market uncertainty? What shifts are unfolding within particular sectors, such as finance or health care? And how have norms been mobilized as a source of control over the performance of service work? By addressing these and other questions, this volume points the way forward for social scientific views of work and labor markets as pivotal institutions within contemporary societies.
Introduction: Emerging Conceptions of Work, Management, and The Labor Market; Steven Vallas 
Chapter 1. Linkedin or Linkedout? How Social Networking Sites are Reshaping The Labor Market; Ofer Sharone
Chapter 2. Dealing with Downsizing: New Organizational Careers in Financial Services after The Great Recession; Corey Pech 
Chapter 3. Neo-Normative Control And Value Discretion In Interactive Service Work: A Case Study; Sarah Jenkins and Rick Delbridge 
Chapter 4. Engineering Medicine: The Deployment of Lean Production in Healthcare; Will Attwood and Sara Babb 
Chapter 5. Doing More with Less: Intensive Care and the Logic of Flexible Teamwork; Jason Rodriquez  
Chapter 6. Race, Recession, and Social Closure in the Low-Wage Labor Market: Experimental and Observational Evidence; Michael Vuolo, Christopher Uggen and Sarah Lageson 
Chapter 7. Workforce Downsizing and Shareholder Value Orientation among Executive Managers at Large U.S. Firms; Taekjin Shin
Steven Vallas is Professor of Sociology at Northeastern University, USA, where he teaches contemporary social theory and the sociology of work. He is the author of numerous books and articles on a wide array of topics, including the shifting nature of authority relations at work, racial and ethnic boundaries among employees, the commercialization of the life sciences, and the disruptions that new technologies provoke within the firm. Most recently, he is the author of Work: A Critique (Polity, 2012) and co-editor of The SAGE Handbook of Resistance (2016), with David Courpasson.

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