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Emergence of Cross-innovation Systems: Audiovisual Industries Co-innovating with Education, Health Care and Tourism

Indrek Ibrus
Tallinn University, Estonia

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04 Apr 2019
Emerald Publishing Limited
248 pages - 152 x 229mm
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This book combines economic studies of innovation systems with studies of mediatisation, media convergence, trans- and cross-media and with other approaches within media and culture studies. It elaborates on a new concept, cross-innovation, referring to co-innovation and convergence processes taking place between different sectors of digital service economies. The proposition is that digitisation and mediatisation processes are conditioning new inter-sector dialogues and the emergence of new cross-innovation systems at the borderlines of formerly distinct industries.  

The case study industries presented are, on the one hand, audiovisual media (film, television, videogames, etc.) and health care, education or tourism, on the other hand. The book builds on 2 years of empirical work across Nordic and Baltic countries, putting a special emphasis on the opportunities and challenges for small countries as they build the cross-innovation systems in the era of media globalisation and platformisation of services. The empirical research of 144 interviews with stakeholders (policy makers, entrepreneurs, managers, professionals) from all four sectors and of secondary data and documentary analysis. The findings tell of complex stories how global platformisation of tourism undermines the emergence of related cross-innovation systems in small countries; how fragmentation of local education and health care markets does not enable the scalability of innovations, but protects local innovation systems for being overtaken by global platform giants. The book has stories of successful facilitation of cross-innovation as well as failures to do so.
SECTION I - Introductions 
Chapter 1. The Study, its Design and its Social Pre-Conditions; Indrek Ibrus 
Chapter 2. From Innovation Systems to Cross-Innovations; Indrek Ibrus  
Chapter 3. Small Size Matters: Audiovisual Media Industries Around the Baltic Sea; Indrek Ibrus and Ulrike Rohn 
SECTION II - Education Meets Audiovisual Media  
Chapter 4. Education on Screens: Histories of Co-Innovation and Convergence Between Audiovisual Media and Education Sectors; Mikhail Fiadotau, Martin Sillaots, and Indrek Ibrus 
Chapter 5. Meso Analysis: Modes of Cross-Innovation Between Education and Audiovisual Sector; Mervi Rajahonka
Chapter 6. Micro Trajectories: Small Firm Struggles at Boundaries Between Audiovisual and Education Sectors; Mikhail Fiadotau and Mervi Rajahonka 
Chapter 7. Conclusions: Cross-Innovations Between Audiovisual and Education Sectors; Indrek Ibrus and Mervi Rajahonka
SECTION III - Health Care Meets Audiovisual Media 
Chapter 8. Audiovisual Industries and Healthcare: Overview of Forms of Co-Innovation and Convergence; Madis Järvekülg 
Chapter 9. Health and Audiovisual Sector: A Meso Analysis of How Systemic Coordination of Sectoral Cooperation Leads to Convergence; Külliki Tafel-Viia   
Chapter 10. Micro Trajectories: Small Firm Strategies at Boundaries Between Audiovisual and Health Care Sectors; Mikhail Fiadotau, Külliki Tafel-Viia, and Alessandro Nanì 
Chapter 11. Conclusions: Cross-Innovations Between Audiovisual and Health Sectors; Indrek Ibrus and Külliki Tafel-Viia 
SECTION IV - Tourism Meets Audiovisual Media 
Chapter 12. Audiovisual Industries and Tourism: Forms of Convergence; Gunnar Liestøl, Christian S. Ritter, and Indrek Ibrus  
Chapter 13. Meso Analysis of Cross-Innovation Between Tourism and Audio-Visual Media: The Case of the Public Sector's Driving Role; Silja Lassur, and Külliki Tafel-Viia  
Chapter 14. Micro Trajectories Between the Audiovisual and Tourism Sectors: Small Firms Working with The Public Sector; Mikhail Fiadotau and Silja Lassur  
Chapter 15. Conclusions: Cross-Innovations Between Audiovisual and Tourism Sectors; Indrek Ibrus and Silja Lassur 
SECTION V - Conclusions 
Chapter 16. Cross-Innovation, Is It a Thing?; Indrek Ibrus and Alessandro Nanì
Indrek Ibrus is Professor of Media Innovation at Tallinn University’s (TLU) Baltic Film, Media, Arts and Communication School (BFM), Estonia. He is also the Head of TLU Centre of Excellence in Media Innovation and Digital Culture (MEDIT). Indrek researches media innovation and evolution and combines cultural and economic approaches for this purpose.
A fascinating account of how cross-boundary innovation operates through dialogue, translation and learning, giving rise to opportunities, but also new risks. Professor Robin Mansell, London School of Economics and Political Science, UK

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