Effective Leadership for Overcoming ICT Challenges in Higher Education: What Faculty, Staff and Administrators Can Do to Thrive Amidst the Chaos

Antonella Carbonaro
Università di Bologna, Italy

Jennifer Moss Breen
Creighton University, USA

Product Details
13 Jan 2021
Emerald Publishing Limited
192 pages - 152 x 229mm
Emerald Studies in Higher Education, Innovation and Technology
Although it is vital that the incorporation of ICT into academic culture is effective and lasting, the very nature of higher education, with its long ties to tradition and academic values, does not lend itself easily to emerging ICT strategies. This book asks how we, as educators, can shift mind-sets, practices, policies, and attitudes in higher education in order to serve society and meet the educational needs of today. 

Tackling the critical question of how to manage knowledge for value creation in the higher education environment, the authors draw attention to smart ICT use for knowledge creation and sharing. Serving up a mixture of case studies, examples, questions and tools, they also deliver insights on the human element involved in both ICT and higher education. By providing a conceptual model for implementing Knowledge 4.0 in educational environments, this book ultimately facilitates a dialogue within higher education institutions that brings forth emerging practices and examples of cultural adaptation. 

Confronting the idea that innovation brings chaos to institutions steeped in tradition, this edited collection is a must-have guide for those interested effecting technological change in educational environments while also sustaining academic quality and delivering meaningful learning outcomes.
Chapter 1. Starting our Conversation; Antonella Carbonaro and Jennifer Moss Breen
Chapter 2. Russian Higher Education: What Does the Future Hold?; Zoe Shneider
Chapter 3. Online Education for Students Living at the Margins: One U.S. University's Outreach; Gretchen Oltman and Martha Habash
Chapter 4. Caught in Between: Managing Students and Teaching Affairs in University in Transition; Krzysztof Kosovska
Chapter 5. Overcoming Chaos by Applying Constructive Controversy into the ICT-Conscious Institution; Jennifer Moss Breen
Chapter 6. E-Leadership as an Enabling Function for Technology-Enriched Learning; Rob Elkington
Chapter 7. Digital Leadership in Education; Mohan Tanniru and Jesus Peral
Chapter 8. VUCA Learning-environments Demand Complex Data and Knowledge Management; Antonella Carbonaro
Chapter 9: Faculty Leadership in Learning Environments Based on Free Access to Information on the Internet; Raquel Perez-delHoyo, Higinio Mora, Pablo Marti and Rafael Molla-Sirvent
Chapter 10. The ICT-paradox: Chances and Barriers for Modernization in Higher Education Institutions; Balazs Sarvari
Chapter 11. Moving from Chaos to Clarity in an ICT-Conscious Institution: A Final Word; Antonella Carbonaro and Jennifer Moss Breen
Antonella Carbonaro is Associate Professor at the Department of Computer Science, University of Bologna, Italy. Her research focuses on customization and content-based processing of information for data and knowledge representation with semantic web technologies. 

Jennifer Moss Breen is Associate Professor at Creighton University, USA, where she serves as program director and faculty member in the Interdisciplinary Leadership Doctoral Program. Her research interests focus on leadership humility, leader resilience, interdisciplinary leadership, and more.

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